Betty White was late to the Mama’s Family set because she stopped to rescue two dogs on her way

Vicki Lawrence fondly remembers what it was like working with the iconic animal-lover.

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Betty White was a TV icon whose eight-decade career gave audiences some of the small screen’s most beloved characters. But show business wasn’t even White’s first goal.

Early in life, she wanted to be a forest ranger. Women were not allowed to join the rangers at the time so instead she became one of the most famous faces on the planet.

But she never lost her commitment to all living things. In fact, sometimes her animal rescue efforts interrupted her acting career.

Vicki Lawrence, who met White on The Carol Burnett Show then worked with her in sixteen episodes of Mama’s Family, recently recalled a fond memory from the set of the Eighties sitcom.

“One day she was late for rehearsal,” Lawrence told The Hollywood Reporter. “Nobody could reach her. But to be an hour late was unlike her. We were worried to death. She was always on time and prepared. When she finally walked in, she said she was sorry, but she was driving down Sunset Boulevard, and there were two golden retrievers in the middle of the road. And of course, she had to stop — and stop traffic — right in the middle of Sunset Boulevard and get the dogs into her car and get them home. She had to. That’s who she was.”

Lawrence also remembered a rare moment when White flubbed a line. White played Lawrence’s daughter, Ellen. The real-life age difference, White was 27 years older than Lawrence, was always one of the funniest parts about the show.

“My recollections of Betty are nothing but sweet and happy and fun and raunchy and bawdy.” Lawrence said. “But she was so professional in the middle of all that. I don’t remember Betty ever missing a line. It was so rare. She was so prepared. The only outtake I can remember ever was on Mama’s Family.”

In the show, Ellen was having an affair with Mayor Tutweiler. The funny name caused White so much trouble that eventually, “It just digressed into a laughing mess,” Lawrence recollected.

Lawrence also revealed she talked with Carol Burnett about White’s passing and that Burnett knew Betty’s last word. According to White’s assistant, she said her late husband’s name “Allen” right before she died. White was married to game show host Allen Ludden for nearly 20 years before his untimely death in 1981.

Lawrence noted that her iconic friend “would want us to laugh and remember and love and enjoy and believe that she’s in heaven with Allen.”

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JHP 28 months ago
Classy woman by far (millennial's agree?) - crappy show

she was top notch on MTM
Runeshaper 29 months ago
I believe that she is in Heaven with Allen, and Heaven just became a brighter place (-:
CortneyNicole 29 months ago
Good story. She was a true Legend and her husband Allen Ludden. May her be resting in peace joining with him.
tinafg 29 months ago
I knew it!! I knew he was waiting to greet her!!! I'm sooooo happy for her.
AlbertHanson 29 months ago
Betty White and Allen Ludden was one of those love stories which Hollywood seems to be lacking. It's not surprising Allen was Betty White's last word.
KJExpress 29 months ago
Great story about rescuing the dogs. I can just picture it. 🐶🤗🐶
Andybandit 29 months ago
I am glad she rescued the dogs. I liked the Momma's Family with Betty in it. I didn't like it until Bubba and Iola were in it. Carol Burnett was annoying on the show and so was her husband Ed. Played by Harvey Korman.
Carol Burnett as Eunice was supposed to be annoying. She always had that complex about mom liking her sister better. :)
Nala92129 Andybandit 29 months ago
Oh no! I loved/pitied Eunice and dunderhead Ed. Buzz wasn't bad, but the actress that played Sonia was terrible.
LoveMETV22 29 months ago
A truly nice story. She would do anything when it came to the well-being of any animal. I feel for all that were closest to her especially Carol Burnett and Vicki Lawrence. Thank You MeTv for sharing her last word “Allen” in your story. She loved him dearly. I think Vicki Lawrence's quote was correct, she would want us to laugh, remember, love and enjoy.
Pacificsun LoveMETV22 29 months ago
Perfectly expressed!
JHP LoveMETV22 28 months ago
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