Can you guess what all this animal technology did on The Flintstones?

Birds, turtles and dinosaurs did a lot of work in Bedrock.

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When you tell kids you grew up without a cellphone or the internet, they look at you like you're from the Stone Age.

But the Stone Age had some pretty impressive technology. Anyone who watches The Flintstones knows that. 

Bedrock had all the comforts of the modern age, thanks to some hard-working animals. See if you can tell what these animals are doing!

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  1. What is this turtle doing?
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  2. What is this octopus doing?
     Warner Brothers
  3. What is this monkey controlling?
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  4. What is this bird?
     Warner Brothers
  5. Why is Fred cranking this turtle's tail?
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  6. What is this little dinosaur?
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  7. What is this rabbit?
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  8. What is this mammoth?
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  9. What is this bird?
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  10. What is Wilma doing?
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  11. What is this bird?
     Warner Brothers
  12. What is this turtle?
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Can you guess what all this animal technology did on The Flintstones?

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TammyMeador 6 days ago
You got 9 out of 12😊
You mowed right through that!
mzcocobunny 9 days ago
Coldnorth 10 days ago
Some commenters complain about the quality of the quizzes. They should take a shot of making a quiz. It looks hard to me day after day. I think they do a pretty good job. and it’s only for fun
Kimberlie 12 days ago
I missed 1- and I should’ve known it! That was fun!
CrumblyCrunchies 15 days ago
Oh, yes. Forgot about Turtle the Jack
Tresix 15 days ago
12/12. Who ever had to clean up behind all of these “appliances” had one dirty job!
Renny13 16 days ago
12/12 Still a classic cartoon. These animal uses were ingenious. Anyone remember the garbage disposal?
Wendy57 Renny13 14 days ago
I do ! 🤣
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