16 sweet behind-the-scenes pictures from 'Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.'

Howdy, Nabors!

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Shazam! Working on the hilarious Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. wasn't all fun and games. It did take place on a military base, after all. Star Jim Nabors had to sometimes stomp through marches and climb obstacle courses, too.

But overall, the sitcom looked like a grand ol' time. Old friends from Mayberry stopped by from time to time, as well as some other celebrity pals.

Let's take a peek behind the scenes at some candid, often kooky photos of the cast at work — and play.

A dear in headlights

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Jim Nabors relaxes on the bumper of a truck.

Candid camera

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Nabors takes a needed breather on location. Note the parking lot in the background.

A visit from old friends

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…well, young old friends. Ron Howard hops aboard for the season two episode "Opie Joins the Marines."

Tied together

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Co-stars Nabors and Frank Sutton buddy up on the set of The Jim Nabors Hour in 1969.

A-Caroling we go

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In September 1967, Nabors appeared on the first episode of The Carol Burnett Show. That same month, Burnett returned the favor as a guest star on Gomer in the episode "Corporal Carol."

Race to the top

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Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C. ranked in the top three of TV's highest rated shows in four of its five seasons.

At ease

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You wouldn't get away with this in the real Marines.

Gomer and the hippies

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"Flower Power" poked fun at the hippie movement. Note guest star Rob Reiner on the far right!

Learning the ropes

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Climbing a cargo net is no breeze, whether you're acting or not.

Where it all began

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Here's a quick flashback to Nabors and Don Knotts on the set of The Andy Griffith Show.

A little help from mom

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Nabors' mother, Mavis, fixes his tie back home in Alabama.

Tucked in

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Guest stars Myrna Ross, Dianne Stanley, Conni Faires and Le Ann Brightwell horse around with Nabors.

An Alabama boy

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Nabors poses in front of a church in his hometown of Sylacauga, Alabama.

Reading break

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Nabors kicks back with a copy of King Cohn, a biography of Columbia Studios head Harry Cohn.

It's for you

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Nabors takes the telephone from his sister, Ruth Collins, back home in Alabama.

A promotion at last

AP Photo / Ronen Zilberman

Marine Corps Commandant Gen. James Jones pins the lance corporal insignia on the lapel of Jim Nabors in a ceremony on August 9, 2001. After 37 years as a private first class, Gomer Pyle finally got a promotion. The ceremony was held at Camp Smith, Hawaii, headquarters of the Pacific Marine Corps.

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babyboomer56 18 months ago
In the photo of the hippies that's Rob Reiner on the right.
RedSamRackham babyboomer56 18 months ago
* And Leigh French of Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour was hippy gal! ☺
TVFF 18 months ago
I didn't know Jim was from Alabama. No wonder he had such good insight into Gomer. There are probably lots of "Gomers" in Alabama.
harlow1313 38 months ago
In the photo labeled "An Alabama boy," if he poofed up his hair a bit more, he could pass for Morrissey.
Dina harlow1313 38 months ago
Morrissey famously dubbed by music critic Jim DiRogatis as "The Jim Nabors of Rock".
NoahBody Dina 38 months ago
That's hilarious !!!
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