Barnaby Jones and Bat Masterson join the Flintstones in the MeTV 2019 fall lineup

The schedule changes begin on Labor Day.

Fall may be the season of pumpkin-spice everything, but on MeTV, we're feeling the flavors of ribs and milk. We all remember the credits to The Flintstones, when the family scampers to a drive-in, where a waitress stacks a big ol' slab of ribs on the side of their car. Well, get ready to sing along to "Meet the Flintstones," as the pioneering cartoon is coming to MeTV!

As we previously announced, two back-to-back episodes of The Flinstones will air weeknights at 6PM | 5C beginning September 30 on MeTV. 

We have more changes on the way — and they're coming in two weeks. 

Effective Labor Day, September 2, get your early mornings started with a tall glass of milk, as lactose-loving detective Barnaby Jones joins the schedule, weekdays at 4AM | 3C. The hit 1970s series marked a comeback for former Beverly Hillbillies star Buddy Ebsen. The father-daughter crime series also featured erstwhile Catwoman Lee Meriwether as Betty Jones.

Barnaby Jones is trailed by Broderick Crawford in Highway Patrol at 5AM | 4C.

On Saturdays, our weekend Westerns get off to an earlier start with the addition of Bat Masterson at 7AM | 6C. Gene Barry portrayed the real-life dandy, a gambler and lawman who roamed the West charming women and defending the unjustly accused. His primary weapon was his wit and cane rather than his gun.

Elsewhere on the new MeTV Fall 2019 lineup, The Jeffersons move on up to Sundays at 10PM | 9C. Plus, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the original 1959–64 classic, Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone returns to weeknights at 12:30AM | 11:30C and double dose on Sundays at 12AM | 11C.

The fun begins on Labor Day!

Download a PDF of the complete Fall 2019 Schedule:

Eastern / Pacific

Central / Mountain

Watch The Flintstones on MeTV!

Weekdays at 6:30 AM & Sundays at 10 AM

*available in most MeTV markets
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pattiejn 50 months ago
I was so excited when I heard that Bat Masterson was coming to your lineup. Imagine my disappointment when I learned it would be aired at 6:00 Central time on Saturday mornings. I'm retired now and as much as I'd like to watch, I'm just not able to get up that early. Why not put it on later in the day? You have Wagon Train, Gunsmke and Bonanza on 5 days a week, why not replace one of them with your 2 episodes of Bat Masterson? You could also move Trackdown and Have Gun Will Travel to more decent time slots.
jimkop 55 months ago
How about DONNA REED and can the videos be updated on website, thanks for posting full shows but they stay on too long
Carolynfmr 56 months ago
I am so happy to see the Flintstones! I too would love to watch the 70s line up of cartoons on MeTV Saturday mornings. I remember Fat Albert, Hong Kong Phooey, Spiffy & Flea Bag, Speed Buggy, Devlin, Snaggle Pus and so many more. And, what about Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, Dr. Shrinker, The Secrets of Isis, Wonderbug, Land of the Lost and Shazam? Wow! I would love to introduce my 9 year old son to these Saturday morning classics. Maybe it would encourage him to put down the Tablet and Chromebook, and turn off the Playstation and Xbox. Please consider adding some of the great suggestions for Saturday morning that everyone has posted.
tim 56 months ago
Y'all own KOJAK, voted 1 of top 50 tv shows of all time, but u hid Saturday morn n Sunday night late on cozi n now GONE . Kojak PRIME TIME dat. Who loves ya baby ? ? ? I could...MORE KOJAK
JimDavis 57 months ago
there are thousands of old made for tv movies like Crowhaven Farm, Night Stalker ect that i wish you would air as well as Dark Shadows and Strange Paradise...Saturday Mornings from 7am to noon bring on all those classic kiddie shows again followed by Lost In Space, Land Of The Giants and Star Trek followed by all those old tv movies and Svengolia at 9pm....also please build a MEsuem(Museum)...prefer here in Monroe Michigan,,,feature recreation of tv series sets where fans can have pictures rooms where people can see episodes of classic shows on the big screen...some dining places and gift shops...i bet this would be a great tourist destination...i mentioned this idea on a local site here and people loved the idea!!!!
JEANNETTE 57 months ago
I love The Flintstones because I watch The Flintstones when I was a kid and I love them!
FrankKing 57 months ago
We loved The Three Stooges this summer...why not air the excellent, recent 9 part doc on them?..Hey Moe,Hey Dad!,,narrated by Moe's son Paul...We'd love to see it on ME...It belongs there.

honeypie 58 months ago
so far the shows we will be watching are of excellent choice. However the better shows are scheduled for early morning and would be better if late morning or afternoon, I myself would much rather see more Gunsmoke as rather than Bonanza Gunsmoke is one of the best westerns ever to hit the Tv screen and its a shame that its now shoved to the back seat. I still would love to see The Dukes Of Hazard return to television after all it was a highly rated show or even Sanford an son would be nice also. I do want to thank y'all for the return of the Flintstones I love them maybe a few more older cartoons like Wacky Racers would be nice also.
Melanie Moffitt ([email protected])
Robyn 58 months ago
Who is the idiot who scheduled Barnaby Jones at 4am? You put on a new show that many people love and have not seen in years and you schedule it at 4am? Brilliant move, moron.
BadRonald1967 58 months ago
Shows I'd like to see:
White Shadow
Streets of SF
Police Woman
boredblonde 58 months ago
Too bad all the ota channels don't follow Buzzr's example and stream on their website or streaming services like Hulu live don't offer an ota channels package
Angelkisses8500 58 months ago
I love MeTV but am sad Mommas Family's being taken off the schedule. I also miss Mayberry RFD. MeTV is still the best channel with Andy Griffith and Mash. Thanks!
Ssypult 58 months ago
Why in the world do you put shoes on at 0400 that many of us would like to watch?? Please keep acquiring more older shows, but your audience hS to be awake I order to watch them!
I am a fan and patronize your station often, but there has to be more content and fewer westerns to suit my tastes.
harlow1313 Ssypult 58 months ago
>Why in the world do you put shoes on at 0400 that many of us would like to watch??<

Is this some sort of foot fetish?
Pacificsun harlow1313 58 months ago
He means shows! I think sometimes a translator gets involved and words get messed up!
Pacificsun 58 months ago
To the people who comment here regularly. Remember not everyone has been watching MeTV as long as yourself. Meaning to see the shows they're requesting, which already have cycled through MeTV's schedule over the years. I'm not sure why, when ask an innocent question, the response needs to be sarcastic and flip. More helpful is to let people know of some choices. How they can find the channel in their area. And know that an OTA antenna can pull in signals from long distances.

MeTV is popular for a reason! Not just because of the schedule. But because of the easy access. They hold about an 84% national market share. Obviously it would be best to have everyone's preferred show in one place. However they get rotated over time. And the most popular are repeated (that simple). Many of us have seen that happen. Below are some alternatives often mentioned in comments.

1. MeTV (Weigel) (84) -

2. Antenna TV (Tribune) (80)-

3. This TV (MGM/Tribune, Weigel left partnership)(74) -

4. Comet (Sinclair) (66) – SciFi

5. Heroes & Icons (Weigel) (58_-

6. Decades (Weigel) (57)-

7. Cozi-TV (NBC) (56)-

8. Start TV (Weigel) (46)

Wiki list of Digital Channels (US locations) that are hyperlinked.

A bit of history: used to be every year (in the Fall) the entire schedule would be overhauled. That created a huge amount of viewer disturbance so that the only thing surfacing were the complaints. Which distracted from what was being offered instead. Now the schedule has been stabilized with a key changes made quarterly. Hope you find the comment helpful. MeTV is a great station, and we're fortunate to see a lot of good programming on it!
Moody Pacificsun 58 months ago
Thank you so much for your post Pacificsun! I couldn't have said it better. It's very annoying to see some of the rude, sarcastic comments on here. Some have actually been foul & insulting. There's no reason for that. We are just talking about nostalgia Tv for crying out loud! There's no reason to be so disrespecful.

I'd like to add to your list of Tv stations also. There are streaming services that offer many classic Tv shows, mainly sitcoms but the do have some old dramas. Hulu has many shows like I Love Lucy, Bob Newhart, the Odd Couple just to mention a few. I don't know what Netflix has. There are free streaming services also like Tubi & Pluto Tv. They both have old classics as well.

Again, thank you for your comments. Let's hope people will be more considerate of others & just have fun.
mdit21 Pacificsun 58 months ago
Whew! You certainly did your homework on this terrific post, Pacificsun. 👍

All I was going to say was at least "Mannix" survived (this round). 😊
JosephMatthews Pacificsun 58 months ago
Pacificsun knows how channels work and what libraries are allowed.
MrsPhilHarris Pacificsun 58 months ago
Great post Pacificsun. I remember when they used to mix it up in the fall. I loved it! All new and fresh. I did not realize people complained about having all new shows. I just thought Me had new management.

Also I agree some people come across as a tad nasty. I'm not sure if it's the way the comment is written but sometimes they are a bit mean regarding the quizzes. I don't care about the mistakes. I'm just glad they put in the effort.
honeypie Pacificsun 58 months ago
Thank you for clearing that up. One does not need to be rude because their show isn't on at their time yes it would be nice to have some of them shifted around but if not then thats ok because with Dish Network I can record the 4 am shows I want to see and then keep or delete after watching it. Y'all have made some great changes and speaking for myself and my family to you Job well done !! Mixing it up does give you change and change is good. The only show I regret not being on is Gunsmoke, watched it every day but hey, its ok Y'all are doing a great job and we apperciate it, Thank you
honeypie Melanie Moffitt
JaneWilson 58 months ago
I wish you wouldn't put the BEST programs on in the middle of the night! I was looking forward to Barnaby Jones but seriously? 4am? I already have to miss Highway Patrol and the others I like that are on between 11pm and daylight. I wish you would switch the weekday westerns with the night shows for awhile.
JosephMatthews JaneWilson 58 months ago
It's all about advertisers. Barnaby Jones is a good placement for 77 Sunset Strip
Paul JosephMatthews 58 months ago
Advertisers? It seems like MeTV runs the same four or five commercials all the time!
MrsPhilHarris Paul 58 months ago
LOL! So true!
Robyn JosephMatthews 58 months ago
Dumb reason.
Bob 58 months ago
I used to watch MeTV all the time, but the programming has changed too much for my liking. What about adding a Saturday morning cartoon line up like we had as kids. Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry, Scooby Doo... Would be great to have something like that from 6am-10am.
I like the older classic comedies .. I Married Joan, Burns and Allen, Jack Benny, The Munsters, My Little Margie, Leave it to Beaver, My Living Doll, I Love Lucy .. so many good show opportunities. My generation is approaching retirement age.. we love those shows!
JosephMatthews Bob 58 months ago
First of all, advertisers prefers not to sponsor airtime on cartoons on diginets. Many of the Saturday Morning Cartoons PLUS the classic short-subject cartoons (Tom & Jerry and Looney Tunes which were both secretly made for grown-ups) and The Scooby Doo Series remains under the exclusive rights to BoomerangTV. Burns & Allan and Jack Benny are both under the rights to Antenna TV. The Munsters is under the rights to CoziTV. MeTV already airs Leave It To Beaver in the mornings. I Love Lucy is under the rights to Decades.
VaughnBaskin Bob 57 months ago
Maybe someday Bob just keep asking MeTV to bring all of our favorite MGM, H-B, and R-S cartoons to be part of the MeTV family, along with every Sid and Marty Krofft klassic shows too!
MrsPhilHarris 58 months ago
The Untouchables, Zorro, 12 O'clock High, Rat Patrol, Mr. & Mrs. North, The Thin Man, Our Miss Brooks, Mr. Ed, Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theatre.
Mister Ed is under the rights to ThisTV channel at this time.
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