Barbara Baldavin had close ties to Star Trek production — and they still forgot her character's name

Did you ever catch this character's two different names in ''Shore Leave''?

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Barbara Baldavin was married to Star Trek in two ways, really. The early episode "Balance of Terror," the tense classic that introduced the Romulans, opens with Kirk presiding over a wedding. Two crew members, Angela Martine (Baldavin) and Robert Tomlinson (Stephen Mines) are tying the knot. It's our first glimpse at matrimony in Starfleet. 

But Baldavin had martial ties to Star Trek in a more tangible way behind the scenes. The actress was married to Joseph D'Agosta, the casting director of Star Trek: The Original Series.

Now, that might sound like nepotism or some kind of favored status, but everything wasn't tilted in Baldavin's favor on Star Trek. Just one episode later, in the more lighthearted "Shore Leave," the writers forgot her character's name. Oops!

Listen closely when Kirk beams down onto the R&R planet in Omicron Delta. He marches to Baldavin's character and asks, "Teller, everything all right?"

Wait… Teller?

Indeed, in the original script, the gold-shirted character was named "Mary Teller." 

Midway through production, someone noticed the discrepancy. Which is why, at the end of the episode, Baldavin is credited as "Angela," even though Kirk calls her "Teller."

Baldavin later went into her husband's field of showbiz — casting. She worked as a casting director on Trapper John, M.D. and Dynasty. We bet she probably made sure her cast got their character's name straight.

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Claire 1 day ago
Didn’t she also have a small part in Andy Griffith where Ernst T Bass wants t marry her???
ELEANOR 3 days ago
As I understand it, the script was finished on the fly on the ranch under a tree as the show was being filmed. Maintaining the continuity of a minor character's name was the least of their worries. Among other things, there was the issue of how "involved" William Shatner was going to be with the tiger.
F5Twitster 3 days ago
"But Baldavin had martial ties to Star Trek in a more tangible way behind the scenes."

That's MARITAL, not martial.

And if you're going to cast the same actress twice as a crewmember, why not keep it the same character?
Hogansucks1 3 days ago
She sure was pretty- but isn’t that how it goes, the men remember your face/ A**, but forget her name! 😁
Pacificsun 4 days ago
I think a more interesting note in that cast was Shirley Bonne as "Ruth." Notice how her name is credited with an "and" _ _which adds a bit of prestige to her billing. She actually spoke no dialogue (unless I've forgotten it) because she was (of course) Kirk's ultimate illusion. i thought her fascinating because she was so much the antithesis to Kirk's usual "type." Almost Greek Goddess in her presentation. So it would be fascinating to know if she had any actual connection to Shatner. She seemed a bit more mature and classic, than the usual feme fatale! So can you research her, MeTV Staff??

Kiyone57 Pacificsun 3 days ago
She did have dialogue.
Pacificsun Kiyone57 3 days ago
Thx. I'm DVR'ing it tonight anyway, and will look for it!
justjeff 4 days ago
"But Baldavin had martial ties to Star Trek..." Yeah, nothing like a shotgun wedding, military style.

Conversely, Would the government (in times of duress) put us under "marital law"?
Pacificsun justjeff 4 days ago
😉 Oh you're absolutely brutal in the accidental reversal of two characters in that word!! Spellcheck wouldn't even catch it!!! Too funny!
Hogansucks1 justjeff 3 days ago
More like a ‘phaser rifle weeding’🤣
justjeff Pacificsun 3 days ago
I do that [mostly] tongue-in-cheek, because I have a typing issue of my own. Keyboards have tightly-spaced keys, and my big fingers often hit more than one of them when I type. I'm constantly proof-reading and spell-checking my work (I am a very good speller) and correcting multiple typos. Still, some do get by...

ib fract, I had to spelt zheck this very possst...
Wedding- that is ! ‘Pardon me’ !😚
cseeley90 4 days ago
She was also in "Turnabout Intruder".
Pacificsun cseeley90 4 days ago
Yes, very true. Like Mark Lenard, a three-timer in a credited role and part of the core actors!
Pacificsun 4 days ago
With ST:TOS a lot of the "background" characters didn't stand out that much. They were in a role for a purpose, fine. But Barbara Baldavin's personality certainly did. As the fiancee (only 2 scenes) and in Shoreleave (1 scene). But she's always recognizable and memorable!
texasluva 4 days ago
The Episode "Shore Leave" had at least 43 goofs. You can read them here.
Pacificsun texasluva 4 days ago
Ohhh, but that's what makes is so fun. They just didn't care. It was Shoreleave for everybody!! 😉
Hogansucks1 Pacificsun 3 days ago
I’ll have some Romulan ale, bartender !! 🤪
ELEANOR texasluva 1 day ago
Yep, the camera men were obviously on "shore leave" too!
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