Ayyyyy! How has Henry Winkler not won an Emmy yet?

After 42 years of being nominated, could The Fonz finally win?

Is Henry Winkler perhaps the most underrated actor in classic TV history? If you ask the folks still waiting to see the Fonz win an Emmy, they'd emphatically say yes. The actor isn't just a gifted comedic talent, but he's specifically got a knack for creating incredibly iconic characters, from Arthur Fonzarelli to Barry Zuckercorn, and between those two characters alone, that's 30 years he's been overlooked by the powers that be over at the Emmys.

It's a shame in all this time that Winkler hasn't been officially recognized as a winner, though he was nominated three times for Outstanding Lead Actor, thanks to those early Happy Days. Now, 42 years after his first nomination for a Primetime Emmy, the actor has his next chance at snagging that coveted prize, thanks to his critically acclaimed new HBO series, Barry, where he plays a very touchy acting coach Gene Cousineau. Congrats as always, Henry Winkler!

For the upcoming Emmy Awards ceremony this September, Winkler is nominated for Best Supporting Actor and all his fans are rooting for him to get the win, but we all know too well that nothing's guaranteed until the envelope opens (and if we're talking about the Oscars, not even always then!).

Winkler told The Los Angeles Times that he's feeling the excitement for sure, but he's not ready to celebrate quite yet: "I absolutely will not have a celebration — the celebration at this moment is coursing through my body," Winkler said. "I literally don’t have the words." We've got one for an actor who's been delivering laughs as long as he has: "Whoa!"

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