5 must-see episodes on MeTV this week of August 21

There's a fresh batch of classic shows on MeTV this week — and a rare cartoon.

The Everett Collection

If you were watching MeTV bright and early this morning, you likely noticed a new cast of characters on our network. The Facts of Life now kicks off weekdays at 6AM | 5C. That is not the only change to the schedule. In this week's picks, we're focusing on the new additions to the lineup. There is more to come, too! On Labor Day, September 4, the MeTV fall schedule begins. Click on the link for all the details. But before then, be sure to catch these fascinating early episodes of some old favorites.

Hawaii Five-O "Full Fathom Five"
Wednesday 23 at 6PM | 5C

In episode one of season one, we first see James MacArthur as Daniel "Danno" Williams. Tim O'Kelly played the character in the pilot, which you can see split in two halves on Monday and Tuesday, but was yanked from the cast due to the reaction of test audiences. Of course, right off the bat, Jack Lord is perfect as the tough and cool detective Steve McGarrett, as he hunts a ring of con artists preying on rich widows.

The Facts of Life "I.Q."
Thursday 24 at 6AM | 5C

When this Diff'rent Strokes spin-off began in the fall of 1979, it had a rather different look from what audiences typically remember of the 1980s sitcom. The cast of students at the Eastland all-girls school included Molly Ringwald. Jenny O'Hara played a teacher named Miss Mahoney, though this episode would be her last, as the nascent series continually retooled itself.

T.J. Hooker "Second Chance"
Friday 25 at 5PM | 4C

Heather Locklear makes her debut in this second-season premiere. Yes, we get to the second season already on Friday. The first season was a mere handful of episodes. Robert Davi, the ruggedly handsome actor cast as a Bond villain in License to Kill, plays a motorcycle-riding serial killer with a penchant for snipping hair from his victims.

Cannon "Country Blues"
Saturday 26 at 3AM | 2C

William Conrad, heavy-set and over 50, was not your typical action hero when he assumed the title role in this Quinn Martin series. Nor was the character's massive ice-blue Lincoln Continental a typical action car. Nevertheless, the veteran actor was a force in this gritty 1970s thriller. Star Wars fans take note, as a young Mark Hamill plays a "farm boy" in this 1971 episode. But not that "farm boy."

Love, American Style "Love and the Old Fashioned Father"
Sunday 27 at 6:30PM | 5:30C

In the two-decade span between The Flintstones and The Simpsons, there was just one animated series to last more than a series in network primetime. It was Wait Till Your Father Gets Home, a sort of cartoon take off of All in the Family by Hanna-Barbera. Here you have a chance to watch the rare pilot, which aired as an episode of Love, American Style. Tom Bosley, who would later join Happy Days, voices the father.

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