15 vintage Valentines that prove food is the way to anyone's heart

So many delicious ways to ask someone out.

1. This Valentine is nothing short of corny. 

2. We go together like doughnuts and coffee. 

3. This Valentine is packed with puns like eggs are packed with protein. 

4. This gives "popping the question" new meaning!

5. Quite simply, these two are the cutest couple - human or yam. 

6. Orange you glad it's almost Valentine's Day?

7. There's a lot of talk about being a "good egg."

8. How sweet it is to be in love by you!

9. That's some really sweet tea.

Slow Family

10. This one is a stretch, but we'll give them points for creativity.

11. Look no further for the sweetest Valentine.

12. A head of lettuce has never looked more appetizing.

13. This turnip isn't asking for a Valentine, he's just asking not to be rejected. 

14. Oysters are an interesting choice for a Valentine. Perhaps it shows you have money?

15. Honey, dew you think you could be my Valentine?

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