Your taste in TV reveals if you're a cat or dog person

When you watch TV, is your cat on your lap or your dog at your feet?

It's one of the most harmlessly divisive issues that ever comes up between friends and loved ones: Are you more of a cat person or a dog person?

The same happens on TV, where family sitcoms feature furry pets or science-fiction shows see critters wander into cherished episodes.

We have a strong feeling that your preferences on TV reveal much more about your preferences in domestic pets than you might think. Take the quiz and see if we can guess whether your home shelters a cat or dog, or both!
  1. Pick a TV character you love:
  2. Pick a genre of TV:
  3. Pick a TV show with a hero you can root for:
  4. Which is the best cartoon villain/antagonist?
  5. Pick a TV character you’d hang out with:
  6. Which game show do you like more?
  7. Which channel do you turn on for the kids?
  8. Pick a sitcom that makes you laugh:
Your taste in TV reveals if you're a cat or dog person

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