Who sang these super successful '70s disco songs?

We've got a little disco fever, let's see if you can cool us down.

Here's a quiz to get those feet moving and those brains grooving! By 1978, disco music was outselling rock music, and seemed to be on almost everyone's radio.

The rise of disco music in the '70s has had many positive effects on pop culture today. For example, disco invented the remix, it helped develop sound system technology such as mixers, loudspeakers and lighting, and disco inspired many musicians today. 

Oh, and DJs? Also came from disco.

Today we want to look back at some of the grooviest and danciest disco songs from the '70s. Can you guess who sang them? Feel free to sing along to help you figure it out.

Warning: This quiz might make you want to disco!

  1. Who sang this hit disco song from the '70s?
  2. Who sang this '70s disco song?
  3. Do you remember who sang "Fly, Robin, Fly?" in the '70s?
  4. Which of the iconic musicians below sang this '70s disco jam?
  5. Who sang the dancey disco song "Daddy Cool" in the late-'70s?
  6. Who sang this disco hit from the '70s?
  7. Who sang the famous (and quite recognizable) song "Le Freak?"
  8. Who sang this chart-topping disco song from the '70s?
  9. What about this disco song that used to get the dance floor hot?
  10. We know you know this song. Who sang "Funkytown?"
  11. Who sang this '70s disco song?
  12. Who sang the '70s song "Knock on Wood?"
  13. We are sure you could hum along to this one, but do you remember the name of this '70s hit?
  14. Do you remember who sang "Love Train?"
  15. Can you remember who originally sang this popular disco hit from the '70s?

Who sang these super successful '70s disco songs?

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Antenna2 2 months ago
9 - my brother was the disco person, I was away camping or riding my bicycle among the avocado groves : )
musicman37 6 months ago
15/15. Guess my status as a human jukebox does come in handy sometimes.
JazEveGan 8 months ago
13/15 I got stuck on "I Love the Nightlife" and "Knock on Wood"
Moverfan 8 months ago
Got all fifteen. Never have thought of Love Train as a disco song, though.
musicman37 Moverfan 6 months ago
It was what they call today "proto-disco", meaning it inspired disco while not exactly being disco. It was danceable, though.
Ashley 8 months ago
14/15,didn't get Daddy Cool,never heard that one,picked James Brown,which was wrong.
Herbert 8 months ago
Macho man the village people.
johnkov 9 months ago
Yawza, yawza, yawza. 15/15!
musicman37 johnkov 6 months ago
I found that "yowsah, yowsah, yowsah" the most annoying part of that record.
Vamp13 9 months ago
5/12 guest at all of them disco died for a reason
musicman37 Vamp13 6 months ago
Disco died because it was a threat to rock and roll artists. Also, it wasn't allowed to evolve as music, people were throwing out crappy records like "Disco Duck", "Mickey Mouse Disco" and "The Ethel Merman Disco Album" which were not only jokes, but extremely harmful to the form. The best Disco music transcended the genre, and became huge pop hits. The Bee Gees, Donna Summer, and KC and the Sunshine Band (along with Gloria Gaynor and Chic) made some of the best disco music there was. Also, there was racism and sexism involved, since Disco music was primarily made by women, blacks, Puerto Ricans and Gays. As well, it was largely a producer-driven form, rather than be made by the artists, for the most part.
plucky musicman37 6 months ago
then they woke up and Rapped stuck there for awhile. But Classic Rock never dies just like MeTV
ReneDelgado 9 months ago
14 out of 15 for the Disco days
cperrynaples 9 months ago
13/15! and a few words on the Chic songs: the first one was subtitled "Yowza Yowza Yowza" and I believe the only other person who said THAT after 1955 was Don Adams as Inspector Gadget! The second one was going to be called "[BLANK] Off", but AM radio wouldn't allow that...LOL!
frenchman71 cperrynaples 9 months ago
Richie Cunningham said it at a dance contest on an episode of "Happy Days".
cperrynaples frenchman71 9 months ago
Well technically that was set in the '50's! I remember Potsie telling him he was "made in the shade"...LOL!
Cougar90 9 months ago
9 out of 12, and I'm not a big disco fan.
JAWhitman 9 months ago
ok disco is not my thing only got 4
oldmoe51 9 months ago
I thought I would do better sense I love 70/80 music
Antenna2 9 months ago
8 - only went to a disco once. i liked tent camping not dancing...
cmsgtjrk 9 months ago
Can’t believe I got 11 out of 12
KawiVulc 9 months ago
Missed 2. Get to keep at least a little self respect anyway...
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