Who sang these 4th of July super hits of the 1970s?

Do you remember these summer songs of the Seventies?

Hot dogs, fireworks, flags and disco. Those were the key ingredients for most barbecues in the 1970s. 

Well, dig out your portable 8-track players, because we're digging through the top hits of Seventies summers. 

The following ten songs were No. 1 on the charts on the Fourth of July that decade. See how many you can remember!
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  1. This duo sang "Love Will Keep Us Together," the No. 1 song on the 4th of July in 1975.
  2. This one-hit-wonder took "Afternoon Delight" to the top of the charts for the Bicentennial in '76.
  3. This Gibb dominated the pop charts in July of '78 with his "Shadow Dancing."
  4. Her massive hit "It's Too Late" was No. 1 on the Fourth in 1971.
  5. His soulful classic "Lean on Me" topped the charts on the Fourth in '72.
  6. This family band topped the charts in July of '70 with "The Love You Save."
  7. This former Beatles collaborator rocketed to No. 1 on July 4, 1973, with "Will It Go Round in Circles."
  8. Her disco jam "Ring My Bell" boogied to No. 1 on the Fourth of July in '79.
  9. This act went to No. 1 in July of '77 with "Undercover Angel" — and later wrote loads of songs for the Muppet Babies.
  10. This soul group was No. 1 on the Fourth of July in 1974 with "Rock the Boat."
Who sang these 4th of July super hits of the 1970s?

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WilliamLAllen 11 days ago
Missed "Ring my Bell". Class of 79- Most of the songs I have on my iPhone.
Lantern 12 days ago
Nailed 'em!

Class of '77
Amalthea 16 days ago

You got 10 out of 10!
Hot dog! This quiz hardly grilled you. Mmm… now who wants to grill some hot dogs?

Actually, I'd much rather have a grilled chicken breast...or at least a cheeseburger.
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