Can you guess the show from these patriotic quotes?

Try to tell a TV show by its patriotism!

The best American television shows display a sense of patriotism with every historical reference, parody and joke the writers sneak into the show. 

Here, we've pulled quotes from some of our favorite patriotic moments in TV history to see if you can tell who's talking about America now. Good luck!
  1. Pick the show with a star who famously tried to recite the Constitution preamble from memory: “The Constitution of the United States... give me the first word and I'll know the rest.”
  2. Pick the show that featured a child star dressed as Abraham Lincoln and said, "Four years ago, the score was 7 to 4 in favor of our fathers.”
  3. Pick the show with a star who famously told the president "hey": "Ain’t that something, sergeant, I said, ‘hey’ to the president!”
  4. Flying over Washington, D.C., one star of this show said, "Can anybody see the White House?" and another replied, "Appears to be lots of white houses down there!"
  5. One of the child stars of this show was zealously practicing to portray George Washington in the school play, leading a sibling to joke: “Keep it up, George, you’ll be the first general who ever got kicked out of his room.”
  6. A star of this show name-dropped a former president while acting as DJ: "Here’s a mover and a groover and it ain’t by Herbert Hoover. It’s for all you animals and music lovers.”
  7. Two stars of this show teamed up to get the less likely candidate elected in a local election: "With my brains and your smile, who knows how high we can go? Congressman. Senator. Who knows?"
  8. When this show's star agrees to run for councilman, his mock pitch was a little lackluster: "Hi, there. I'm running for city councilman. Vote for me or I'll give you cavities."
  9. When the star of this show encounters an ousted world leader, he jokingly introduces himself, "And I'm George Washington, ex-President of the United States."
  10. When the star of this show gets Ronald Reagan on the phone, it leads to a pretty distinct honor: "A presidential commendation! Isn’t that wonderful?”

Can you guess the show from these patriotic quotes?

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TexasGreek 6 months ago
You got 9 out of 10
Missed #10, never saw ALF
JoelFogelsanger 9 months ago
You got 7 out of 10
Oh no, looks like you missed a few presidential moments.
EllisClevenger 21 months ago
You got 9 out of 10
We vote for you as most patriotic TV fan!
AlF 21 months ago
What's the deal with the spam comments, MeTV? You must be allowing them to post. Do they get money if real users "flag" them? How about a "flamethrow" option, so we can kill them with fire?
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