Pick: What would you watch on TV in 1961?

Beaver vs. Perry! Bugs vs. Marshal Dillon! Andy vs. Lucas! Who will win?


Image: General Electric / tvhistory

The 1961-62 television season served up on the most fascinatingly diverse schedule in history. The big three networks tossed together Westerns, animation, game shows, sitcoms and gritty drama — often all in the same night.

In what other year could you watch Bullwinkle and Bonanza on the same channel? Beaver before boxing? Chimps leading into Barney Rubble leading into Kookie? The success of The Flintstones in the prior year led to loads of cartoons in primetime.

Of course, changing the channel was a chore. With that in mind, pick just one channel to watch each day of the week in 1961! Let's see what is most popular today!

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  1. We start on Sunday evening, when the family gathers around the television. Pick a channel and stick with it.
  2. Monday! After a hard day of school or work, time to kick back. With one channel.
  3. Tuesday has lots of options! Well, three channels. And you pick one.
  4. Wednesday, Hump Day. It's a tough call!
  5. Thursdays has long been a night for "must-see" TV, going back to 1961.
  6. Why go out on a Friday night with options like this?
  7. Before we get to Saturday evening, we can't overlook Saturday morning cartoons and children's television!
  8. We wrap up on a Saturday night. It's a party on the boob tube!

Pick: What would you watch on TV in 1961?

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Crystal 20 months ago
91%...I easily could have chosen shows from other channels for most of the questions.
Lillyrose 38 months ago
22% similar. A lot of great TV in 1961! Leave it to Beaver, Hazel, Father Knows Best, the Ed Sullivan Show, and The Lawrence Welk Show. I would have been watching those shows, but I was born in 1970. Fun quiz!
musiclady1170 42 months ago
I was 56% similar because I went by what I would actually have watched in 1961 (I was 5), not necessarily what I would watch these days.
piercedale 42 months ago
I grew up in the 60's and I couldn't wait for Saturday morning cartoons and watching Saturday night at the movies with my parents. Only 3 channels but the programs were so much better back then. How about a survey circa 1965 ?
Dario 42 months ago
64% similar. 😁😁😁😁😁
AnnieM 42 months ago
78%. This was a fun survey. I'd love to see more of them for different years.
x60hz11 42 months ago
I don't blame MeTV since I love them and they're making boatloads of money off of Liberty Mutual but I just had to get this out in case any marketing geniuses from Liberty Mutual are reading this. If you're gonna run a commercial into the ground like that stupid limu in the elevator spot at least make sure it's remotely funny. Take note of the TD Ameritrade spot with Dolph Lundgren where things get "Rocky". Put the quarter in the meter and hire new writers!
Sammama 42 months ago
What is the Walt Disney show on Sunday?
piercedale Sammama 42 months ago
The wonderful world of Disney.
hermanstein2015 42 months ago
73% similar I wasn't born til 89' and as much as I want to say we had the best cartoons, (we did lol) we didn't have great shows like Leave it to Beaver. All we watch now is the old black and white TV shows and Movies bc those people had real talent. I love having an old soul! ❤️
Pacificsun 42 months ago
Funny how 1 Show out of all the choices offered would influence which Network to watch for that night.

But oh gosh, were those really our only choices. I mean mixing Leave It To Beaver with Lawrence Welk and THEN the Fights (after the kiddies went to bed)?? Like what were they thinking!
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