Who plays your favorite Christmas characters best?

We're making a list (of Christmas characters) and checking it twice!


Three Christmas characters enter, but only one will reign victorious! In the past decades, there's been a neverending flow of Christmas content and today, we're asking you to name the best of the best. We'll give you three different portrayals of the same Christmas character, and it's your job to pick your favorite!

  1. Choose your favorite Santa Claus
  2. Choose your favorite Mrs. Claus
  3. Choose your favorite Christmas elf
  4. Choose your favorite reindeer
  5. Choose your favorite Grinch
  6. Choose your favorite Miracle on 34th Street
  7. Choose your favorite Scrooge
  8. Choose your favorite Christmas kid
  9. Choose your favorite Christmas couple
  10. Choose your favorite Frosty

Who plays your favorite Christmas characters best?

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orientalband54 6 months ago
I dont think anyone ever noticed that in MASH col potter is father time for new yewars the year BEFORE he took command, according to the dates given on the show. just one of those little noticed misses.
JL1965 6 months ago
Favorite Scrooge was either George C. Scott or Alistair Sim
Tresix 6 months ago
62% similar. “Olive, the Other Reindeer” is SO underrated! Why haven’t they shown it in some time?
LalaLucy 6 months ago
93% There are some fun things that have come out in more recent times, but give me the classics.
ironman2000 6 months ago
Reginald Owens 1931 or 1933 of A Christmas Carol is Scrooge, and he was scary as hell to me as a kid. 93% similar.
Bret 6 months ago
There is a 90's movie called "Ebbie" that is a modern day version of A Christmas Carol. It is very well done. I have the DVD and watch it every year,
MikefromJersey 6 months ago

SIGH. No Alastair Sim for best Scrooge in # 7? BAH, HUMBUG!
Now I get what the term gob smacked means.
I am not being a movie snob or a pedantic wiseguy, but if the crew that assembled this quiz
isn't aware of the without question greatest Scrooge of all time, they have no opinion worth
respecting when it comes to the subject. You guys have to do more research when you
assemble these quizzes.
MeTV staff, instead of possibly being offended by my comments go watch 1951's
"A Christmas Carol".
One of the best British movies ever, the star puts on an acting clinic.
MrsPhilHarris 6 months ago
Wow 93% similar. I think most of like the old classics.
justjeff MrsPhilHarris 6 months ago
That's why I also got 93% similar. You can remake any movie, TV show or song - but if the original charm, warmth or sincerity are lacking, it's just another commercial money-grab that's best forgotten...
MrsPhilHarris justjeff 6 months ago
That is so true.
RobertK 6 months ago
93%. I love the old original versions by far. I'd rather see those over a few of the sappy Hallmark movies that someone in our house watches. Several of those movies are good but a lot share the same storyline of a lost love re-kindled at Christmastime...
MrsPhilHarris RobertK 6 months ago
I only watched one Hallmark movie and actually tuned in the next year to see it again. A woman who married a guy that didn’t make a lot of money. Had a few kids and wishes she had married the rich guy. Some how she knocks herself out and ends up married to the rich guy who is a creep.
justjeff MrsPhilHarris 6 months ago
I have a friend who *loves* the Hallmark channel. I'm fortunate to NOT have cable or satellite or any streaming services, so I'm spared the syrupy holiday shlock.

"Hallmark - When you care enough to rework the same Christmas romance story 10,000 different ways!"
MrsPhilHarris justjeff 6 months ago
Lol I know someone that PVRs them and watches every single one.
RobertK MrsPhilHarris 6 months ago
There are probably worse movies to watch but the same storyline must get old after awhile. Great idea, switch their channel to Very Merry METV when you're over for a visit. Kind of an intervention!!
justjeff MrsPhilHarris 6 months ago
Here's a quarter... but him/her a clue!
Runeshaper 6 months ago
I recently watched The Shop Around the Corner with my sister. It's a FANTASTIC film!
LalaLucy Runeshaper 6 months ago
Love that movie. Glad to see others enjoying it. 🙂
Runeshaper LalaLucy 6 months ago
I love that movie!
RICK1947 6 months ago
On question # 7, Alastair Sim is the best ever to play scrooge. 1951 Christmas Carol.
MikeinCO RICK1947 6 months ago
Agree. How could he have been left off the list. Coal for that person.
justjeff MikeinCO 6 months ago
Easy... It's the MeTV staff, after all!
MrsPhilHarris RICK1947 6 months ago
He was the best!
madmark1 6 months ago
I can’t believe they didn’t list Clark and Ellen Griswold in. Choose your favorite Christmas couple..
15inchBlackandWhite 6 months ago
There was also a 1973 made-for-TV version of Miracle on 34th. Street starring Sebastian Cabot. He shaved his Mr. French beard in order to don the Santa one.
Kind of like this...*before* he grew the beard in the late 50s-early 60s...
nd1irish 6 months ago
My favorite Christmas couple was Ralphie’s Mom and ‘The Old Man’ from a Christmas Story 🎄. 2nd Place: Clark and Ellen Griswold.
nd1irish nd1irish 6 months ago
Another great Christmas couple that I just thought of: Heat Miser 🔥 and his brother Snow Miser ❄️
MrsPhilHarris nd1irish 6 months ago
Is that from the one with Mickey Rooney?
nd1irish MrsPhilHarris 6 months ago
One of them. He voiced Santa in “Year without a Santa Claus with the Miser Brothers and, also, “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”. 🎅🏻
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