Which WKRP in Cincinnati character are you?

Are you more Les Nessman or Johnny Fever?

WKRP in Cincinnati was a show that ran on personality. From the secretary answering phones, the DJs in the booths and The Big Guy behind the desk, everyone worked at the radio station was an absolute character.

Naturally, this got us wondering: Which WKRP character are you most like?

Answer these questions below, and we'll deliver the news if you're more Les Nessman or Johnny Fever. Give it a spin and see who you get!
  1. What would you want to do if you worked at a radio station?
  2. All right, now pick your favorite hit album that was released while WKRP in Cincinnati was on the air:
  3. Sounds good so far. Now, be honest. What time do you usually wake up to start your day?
  4. Now it's time to talk personal style. Pick a fabric/textile you'd want to wear:
  5. Next, pick a cup you'd feel most comfortable drinking out of:
  6. Now, choose the movie below that you liked best that came out while WKRP in Cincinnati was on the air:
  7. Which genre of music would you prefer to listen to?
  8. What do you think is the grooviest 1970s TV show (other than WKRP in Cincinnati)?
Which WKRP in Cincinnati character are you?

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