Which Waltons actors were actually alive during the 1930s?

Which cast members experienced the world of the show firsthand?

The Waltons harkened back to a harder yet simpler time. It started in the middle of the Depression and continued through World War II. Because it aired almost four decades after it took place, many of the actors never knew the world of the show. However, even if they were small children at the time, a few cast members did experience life in the real 1930s.

See if you can guess which actors were alive during the 1930s and which ones weren't!

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  1. Was John Walton himself, Ralph Waite, alive during the 1930s?
  2. Did Richard Thomas ever experience the real 1930s?
  3. Was Michael Learned born before 1940?
  4. Was John Ritter alive during the 1930s?
  5. Mayf Nutter played singer Bobby Bigelow. Was he born before 1940?
  6. Joe Conley was the perfect 1930s shopkeeper, but did he ever know the real Depression era?
  7. Ronnie Claire Edwards played Ike Godsey's wife, Corabeth. Was she born before 1940?
  8. Jonathan Frakes played Ashley Longworth Jr. on The Waltons. Was he alive during the 1930s?
  9. Lynn Hamilton was Waltons' neighbor Verdie Foster. Did she experience any of the 1930s?
  10. Will Geer's real life daughter, Ellen, appeared in two episodes. Was she born before 1940?
  11. Was Cissy Wellman, who played Sissy Walker, alive during the 1930s?
  12. Mariclare Costello was schoolteacher Miss Hunter. Did she ever experience the real 1930s?
  13. James Gammon had a recurring role as Zack Rosswell. Was he alive during the 1930s?
  14. Tom Bower played Mary Ellen's husband Dr. Curtis Willard. Was he born before 1940?

Which Waltons actors were actually alive during the 1930s?

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zman47240 7 days ago
12/14 and most were just lucky guesses.
Shatner1 9 days ago
9/14--got most of the women wrong!!!
TheSentinel 9 days ago
8/14 - got #5 and the last five questions wrong.
L 13 days ago
Characters my big fat toe.

My own PARENTS were alive in the 30s, as well as all of my aunts and uncles. Okay, so they were very young, in some cases, just babies.

If you're going by Jim Bob being born in 1924 in "The Runaway", in the real world, he's the same age as two of my aunts, and only four years older than my own father.
Debbie 19 days ago
12/14. I got numbers 12 and 14 wrong
jtrain 20 days ago
12/14, got the last 2 wrong. James Gammon looks older! And Tom Bowers looked younger!
Tresix jtrain 18 days ago
Gammon was only nine years older than Don Johnson, yet played Don’s father on “Nash Bridges”.
FLETCH 21 days ago
Oh my. Aside form the fact that I was never a Waltons fan, this trivia was kind of bizarre

7 out of 14
UTZAAKE 22 days ago
13 Cleveland Indians manager Lou Brown in Major League.
Catman 22 days ago
I was on a roll (like a pastrami sandwich) for the first nine, then missed 5 in a row.
I think it was because I was so shocked to see Commander Riker in the lineup. I hope he didn't alter the timeline going back like that. I HATE temporal paradoxes.
Terrence 22 days ago
Never watched The Waltons, but I did good!
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