Which TV shows featured these black cats?

You're going to need good luck to pass this one.

They say a black cat crossing your path is bad luck. Unless it's on your TV screen. Because black cats have made for some great television.

We found some felines from twelve classic TV series. See if you can identify the show by the kitty. 
  1. Recognize the cat in the background (and the woman in the foreground)?
  2. These two loved to obey a black cat.
  3. This spooky sitcom had a pet cat named Kitty that roared like a lion.
  4. This sci-fi classic had memorable black cats in a couple episodes in season two.
  5. Recognize this Western?
  6. This '90s teen favorite had a black cat in a big role.
     Image: The Everett Collection
  7. Eve Arden came face-to-face with a black cat in this pioneering early-'50s sitcom.
  8. See if you can recognize the man holding the black cat.
  9. This 1950s series from Blake Edwards featured this stylish black cat in the opening credits.
  10. The family cat Rusty brought along a lot of his friends in this episode.
  11. Of course, if you don't have a black cat, you can always paint a white one, like on this Western.
  12. Finally, the episode "Law and Disorder" of this family sitcom features a sooty cat falling from a fireplace.

Which TV shows featured these black cats?

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VaughnBaskin 34 months ago
Meyeowza! I've got a purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect 10 out of a 10!
CaptainDunsel 36 months ago
I was feline fine with every one in the kitty until the last one gave me paws.
Runeshaper 59 months ago
You got 9 out of 12
High five! You were purr-fect!
ndebrabant 60 months ago

You got 12 out of 12
High five! You were purr-fect!
Terrence 69 months ago
A couple were really tough....................................12/12
Greg 69 months ago
Gary Seven would've been a great show if networks just let sci fi shows develop a following they might not get the biggest audience but they are the most loyal.
thedude1500 70 months ago
Assignment: Earth was the Star Trek episode shown. It was to be a pilot for a Gary Seven/Roberta Lincoln series that was never picked up. While you'd have to recast it since Robert Lansing is dead and Terri Garr is retired, with the right casting and strong writing, it could still work (I'd give it plenty of distance from the Star Trek franchise to keep fanboys stuck in their mother's basement from screaming "cannon, cannon" and just general bellyaching from the lack of a real life).
Shadowdancer 70 months ago
9/10 never saw Our Miss Brooks and 😊 Maverick is finally in one!!
thedude1500 Shadowdancer 70 months ago
It was showing late at night on some network (can't remember if it was Antenna TV or Decades) for a while, but I haven't seen it in a while). It's really a pretty good show with some snap to it. Eve Arden is a hoot (she kind of reprised the character as the principal in the Grease movie).
Shadowdancer thedude1500 70 months ago
I remember her in Grease. Thanks, I'll try to find it.
anthony 70 months ago
10/12.The 10 I got had nothing to do with recognizing the cat.If fact the two I got wrong didn't have people in the picture.
daDoctah 70 months ago
Too bad they couldn't work in mention of Robert Loggia as T.H.E. Cat.
Pegs 70 months ago
12/12nI have a weakness for black cats, although I'm down to just 1 (& he's roughly 17, so I need a refill!).
CatMomWanda Pegs 70 months ago
I adopted 2 black twin boy kittens about 3 weeks ago. I also have a black cat with a small bit of white. She is 11.
Pegs CatMomWanda 70 months ago
Good For You, Wanda!!! And I mean that! Black cats are usually the last to be adopted, if at all. I've had one or two clunkers over the years, but for the most part black cats are so sweet & have wonderful dispositions. Plus, that contrast of pink tongue & black fur gets me every time. Here's 3 plus 2 others who showed up. Ollie - # 5 in the video - is the only one still alive. Staff, if this is inappropriate, feel free to remove the link to my video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgZFg_mvKf8
Pegs Pegs 70 months ago
Trying again...
Shadowdancer Pegs 70 months ago
I rescued a black cat, at first I thought that she had extra toes so I named her Phalanges, turns out she has 8 feet, two underdeveloped front ones and her back four feet fused together into two wide back paws.
Pegs Shadowdancer 70 months ago
Poor baby. :-( Did she have a good life otherwise? And, thanks for adopting her. :-)
JulieNielsen 70 months ago
I missed the Munsters because I thought it looked like The Addams Family.
The Addams Family had a pet lion named Kitty Kat.
I loved Kitty Kat, and the dragon you never really see under the stairs.
That's right! How could I forget that name. 😂The effects were very good for it's time.
MrsPhilHarris 70 months ago
Missed The Munsters, Mr. Lucky and The Brady Bunch. Does anyone know what episode of BB?
Try rereading the question. You will find the name of the episode there.
Molto_Sceticco 70 months ago
The guy on the right in Photo 2 is Ralph Manza, who played Banacek's chauffeur
Which question are you talking about?
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