Can you match the classic cartoon characters to their catchphrases?

Will you say "Yabba dabba doo!" or "Doh!"?

Catchphrases — they're not just for humans! For every "Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Willis?" there's a "What's up, Doc?" 

Below, you will read some memorable catchphrases from Saturday morning and after-school cartoons. See if you can match them to the correct character! Are smarter than the average bear?
  1. Yabba Dabba Doo!
     Images: Warner Bros. / 20th Television / Warner Bros.
  2. Hey, Boo Boo
     Images: King Features Syndicate / Harvey Entertainment / Warner Bros.
  3. I tawt I taw a puddy tat!
     Images: Warner Bros.
  4. Sufferin' Succotash!
     Images: Warner Bros.
  5. Jinkies!
     Images: Warner Bros. / Harvey
  6. By the power of Grayskull!
     Images: NBCUniversal / Warner Bros.
  7. You blockhead!
     Images: 20th Television / King Features Syndicate / ABC
  8. Here I come to save the day!
     Images: Terrytoons / Warner Bros. / NBCUniversal
  9. And now, here's something we hope you really like!
     Images: Warner Bros. / NBCUniversal / Warner Bros.
  10. Up and at 'em!
     Images: Warner Bros.
  11. Heavens to Murgatroyd!
     Images: Warner Bros.
  12. You eediot!
     Images: MTV Networks / Paramount Television / Viacom Media
  13. Lemme at 'em! Lemme at 'em!
     Images: Warner Bros.
  14. Let's get dangerous!
     Images: DHX Media / Thames Television / Disney
  15. We'll try again next week!
     Images: Warner Bros.

Can you match the classic cartoon characters to their catchphrases?

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WilliamJorns 11 months ago
I missed on the "Jinkies" quote by Velma of "Scooby-Doo." I'd forgotten that was her catchphrase, and I watched that cartoon show as a kid. Oh, well - shows I'm not perfect...
ClassicTVnut 22 months ago
12/15 some of these I have never watched.
MrBill 42 months ago
13/15; missed the last two - I did not know either one and had to guess.
Katzi 42 months ago
13/15 (I missed the last 2 )
VaughnBaskin 42 months ago
What?! No Jonny Quest catchphrases?
Runeshaper 57 months ago
You got 14 out of 15
You yabba-dabba-did it! Nice work!
Rickey 58 months ago
You got 14 out of 15
You yabba-dabba-did it! Nice work! #12 I miss because I never watch either of these toons.
WILD 59 months ago
You got 15 out of 15
You yabba-dabba-did it! Nice work!
nemalki 67 months ago
15/15. Then again, I'm a toonhead. Respected by fans, animation studios, and animation historians alike. It's my wheelhouse and my bread-and-butter. My profession, even! And don't you forget it, doc!
RobCertSDSCascap 67 months ago
15/15! Be honest- who else heard the tympani as Fred bowled that impossible spare?!
Bobbo 67 months ago
14/15. Never watched Darkwing Duck.
RobCertSDSCascap Bobbo 67 months ago
Here's what you missed.
WILD Bobbo 59 months ago
For shame, for shame.
WILD Bobbo 59 months ago
I never watched any of number 12 and 2/3 of #14, but I still got the right answers. Of course I am a fan of Darkwing Duck, so I knew that answer, I got #12 only because I remember how popular they were and that the spoke with a Spanish accent.
Tresix 67 months ago
14/15. I don't remember Magilla ever saying that phrase. Could you say that Snagglepuss was the original Chippendale dancer?
djw1120 Tresix 67 months ago
No, because he never wore ANY clothes, except for the bow-tie and collar.
Terrence 67 months ago
A couple were tough ones and cartoons I never watched......................13/15
CruiseGirl4Life 67 months ago
14/15 and thank goodness most of those were old school Tweety Bird, Snagglepuss, Mighty Mouse, Huckleberry Hound, Fred Flintstone, etc..
Lacey 67 months ago
14/15 Never saw the one on question 12.
MrBill 67 months ago
12/15; I also missed #'s 12,14 & 15.
BrownieMom 67 months ago
You got 14 out of 15
You yabba-dabba-did it! Nice work!

Missed # 15.
Barry22 67 months ago
15/15, can't quote Shakespear, can quote cartoons.
Barry22 67 months ago
This comment has been removed.
djw1120 garykevinware 67 months ago
Isn't that why they invented Spell-Check?
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