Which TV dad said this — Howard or Andy?

Are these quotes from Opie's pa or Mr. C?

Young Ron Howard was not only fortunate to star in two classic sitcoms — he also had the benefit of growing up with two wonderful TV dads!

On The Andy Griffith Show, Sheriff Taylor was always ready to spout some folksy wisdom. On Happy Days, "Mr. C" had even more children to rear, which probably led to a little more snark in his fatherly advice.

So, think you can tell the difference between an Andy saying and a Howard line? Which classic television father said it?

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  1. "Argentina hasn't got the episode that Chuck has."
  2. "Eating speaks louder than words."
  3. "The way everybody's acting, you'd think I'd come out against the flag and motherhood."
  4. "Why can't you be a normal boy and swallow goldfish?"
  5. "Being sorry is not the magic word that makes everything right again."
  6. "I don't want him to be the kind of boy looking for fights, but I don't want him to run from one when he's in the right."
  7. "My side of the family is perfectly normal. I mean, they don't even have to read Dear Abby."
  8. "Start with the lie. It's probably more interesting."
  9. "There is one thing that women like men to do. It's what they call 'a romantic gesture.' We men call it 'eating crow.'"
  10. "You date one woman all the time and pretty soon people start taking you for granted."
  11. "You remember before when I was telling you about the sacrifices I made for my family? Well, for a little while, I forgot why."
  12. "It's real nice to win something, but it's more important to know how not to win something."
  13. "How many teeny-weeny little glasses did you have? I think it's time for some teeny-weeny cups of coffee."
  14. "I guess it's a time like this when you're asked to believe something that just don't seem possible. That's the moment that decides whether you got faith in somebody or not."
  15. "Running away from home is a little special. See, what you do in a case like that is first you write a note saying that you're running away, and then you do it."
  16. "We're not trying to get into Better Homes and Gardens. We're trying to survive a nuclear attack."

Which TV dad said this — Howard or Andy?

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HopeDuchaine 3 months ago
11/16. Oh No: Brain Fart.
I know right? I get that with a lot of these quizzes.
Craigg 3 months ago
You got 14 out of 16
You submitted your answers — and sure enough you came out a winner!
BZCITY 3 months ago
How many people read the statements in Andy/Howard’s voice?
biscuits18521 BZCITY 2 months ago
I didn't do that, but it's a great idea!
Runeshaper 3 months ago
10/16 - oh well LOL 2 good dads right there.
That was my score 😂
Sending you a virtual high five! :)
lisaiggy 3 months ago
I missed one or two but that's not too bad.
Mike 3 months ago
16/16. And like Steve said below. It's almost sad, but I too have way to clear a memory (still watching it too) of Andy Griffith's Shows. It was a big favorite around our house growing up. Happy Days was also big on the list of must watch shows as a youth, and it's pretty easy to pick out Mr. C's comments from Andy's.
Laura 3 months ago
13-16 I did it! I did it! It is not perfect but I like it anyway!
Steve 3 months ago
16/16 !! It helps that I can recite nearly every episode of the Andy Griffith Show!
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