Can you tell the difference between Ron Howard and his father, Rance?

How well do you know this classic TV pair?


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Ron Howard and his father, Rance, share many similarities — more than just familial resemblance and a last name. They both started acting in the 1950s and appeared in parts large and small for decades afterward.

Of course, there are many differences as well. Can you tell which Howard is which from these 13 questions? Guess if each one applies to Ron, Rance — or both of them. Good luck!

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  1. Who transitioned from child acting to directing?
  2. Who acted in everything from Gunsmoke to Days of Our Lives to Seinfeld?
  3. Who started a production company called Imagine Entertainment?
  4. Who played eight different men of God in movies and TV (two priests, five reverends and a chaplain) between 1993 and 1998?
  5. Whose first acting job was in the 1956 film Frontier Woman?
  6. Who appeared in a 1959 episode of Bat Masterson?
  7. Who appeared in a 1959 episode of The Twilight Zone?
  8. Who was in The Danny Thomas Show episode "Danny Meets Andy Griffith"?
  9. Who was in the 1962 movie musical The Music Man?
  10. Who has an uncredited role in the classic film Cool Hand Luke?
  11. Who has won two Primetime Emmy Awards?
  12. Who has a "story by" credit on one episode of The Andy Griffith Show?
  13. Which of Ron's early directorial efforts did NOT feature Rance?

Can you tell the difference between Ron Howard and his father, Rance?

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Craigg 48 months ago
You got 10 out of 13
Great job!
MikefromJersey 48 months ago
9 for 13. The problem with this quiz is that Rance usually had a minor part or just one
line so one might not have even noticed him.
Just an aside: I think the color Andy Griffith Shows aren't as bad as people paint them.
"Howard's New Life" where Howard Sprague goes to live on a island in the middle of no
where is hilarious. The exiles hanging out in the bar, cutting out paper dolls or mindlessly
staring out into space, is outstanding. No punch line needed, no insipid sex joke inserted
for no reason but a cheap laugh as in Veep, it all flows from a script providing insight and
knowing character types.
Randall 48 months ago
Fun Fact Ron Howard of course was in the music Man film adapted from the Broadway shoTom Boskey was in a show called Fierello written by the same composer as the music Man Mr. Meridith Wilson
DavidBartholomew 48 months ago
My fave TAGS story was how Ron wanted to play baseball (little league) with his friends. So the cast organized a baseball team and challenged other shows. Thus, the Hollywood Softball League was created!
Wenatchee7 48 months ago
11/13 not a fan of the Both answer choice.
MichaelNivens 48 months ago
only 7/13 - this was a toughie for me
David 48 months ago
8/13, never heard of Rance.
ForeverHappyDays David 48 months ago
I remember seeing his name a few times on certain shows... Then I knew he must be related to Ron. I got 8/13 as well though.
DavidBartholomew David 48 months ago
Rance was a Stuntman by profession, if I remember correctly. Before SAY and unions, that meant being extras, also. His eldest son would tag along with him to jobs during school vacations, and would be in crowd scenes with dad (watching a parade, walking down the street with Ice cream, etc)
DocLove 48 months ago
Don't give an Ant's pants about Rance !
irishroz1771 DocLove 48 months ago
Well too bad fo your lack of taste because without Rance, there would be no Ron!
irishroz1771 DocLove 48 months ago
He was an inspiration that lead to a wonderful career for his son Ron...a d
Evan 48 months ago
Walking Distance, one of my favorite Twilight Zone episodes! Ronny playing marbles in the street.
AllisonWunderland 48 months ago
7/13...😜 Whew! That one was a bit difficult, especially since I wasn't familiar with much of Rance's work 🙃 But I am now 😉
KathyMcKinny 48 months ago
Ron is a great actor but is SO KNOWN it is hard to not know it's him, his dad on the other hand can become anyone because he is not so recognizable.
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