Can you guess what's on the menu at Arnold's on Happy Days?

How much did fries cost in 1955? Could you get a side salad?


Whether you pulled into the parking lot in a yellow hot rod, station wagon or motorcycle, Arnold's Drive-In had something for you.

The fast-food joint was the heart of Happy Days — and practically a character itself on the sitcom. From the Nip It pinball game and pennants on the wall to Fonzie's "office" in the bathroom, this nostalgic eatery perfectly capturing 1950s teenage hangouts.

But did you ever notice the menu board hanging on the exterior of the restaurant? Probably not. It's a pretty tiny detail. We'll show it to you at the end of the quiz. But first, see if you can guess the answers to these questions about the food at Arnold's! Order up, Marsha!

  1. Fill in the blank: "Thick _________ Malt."
  2. How much did a "Bopper Burger" cost?
  3. Is there a salad on the menu?
  4. What was the "Jefferson High Special" that cost 55¢?
  5. Which of the following was NOT an available flavor of sundae?
  6. How much did it cost for a side of french fries?
  7. One line read "Grilled Cheese & ________." What was the side that came with a grilled cheese?
  8. Which of these items was the MOST expensive?
  9. Which of these items was the LEAST expensive?
  10. Which of these items was listed under "Sandwiches" for 25¢?
  11. If the "Bopper Burger" was the single hamburger, what was the "Double Decker" hamburger called?

Can you guess what's on the menu at Arnold's on Happy Days?

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Hogansucks1 46 months ago
5 out of 11 - A grilled Cheese sandwich with peanuts !!! REALLY? Have to test that option 🤔. 🥪+🥜. Maybe it was with a Side of peanuts? an after snack ? 🍿
Cheyloo 47 months ago
I love Perry Mason! I have since we watched it when I was a kid!
DocLove 47 months ago
I HATE PERRY MASON, and I turn to Antenna TV every time he airs ! I'd much rather watch Father Knows Best than Perry Mason !
Muleskinner 47 months ago
3/11. I flunked! 🙀
biscuits18521 Muleskinner 47 months ago
I flunked too 4/11. Made me want to have a snack lol.
Hogansucks1 biscuits18521 46 months ago
Peanuts? With or ON your grilled cheese sandwich 😁
JadeBlues 47 months ago
I got 9 out of 11 I must’ve really liked Arnold’s Food🍔 Hey if anybody can answer this question for me I would be grateful it would solve an argument. In the first season of happy days was Richie\ Fonzie set up to be the coolest/leader or were the roles reversed? I thought it was Fonzie right from the beginning even though he was a secondary character because Richie seem to go To him For advice. Thanks everybody
Cheyloo JadeBlues 47 months ago
Fonzie was always the coolest, Richie went to him for advice.
Greg 47 months ago
I remember in the 60s splitting a 12 oz bottle of pop once a week as a treat.
AnnieM Greg 47 months ago
And remember when 'penny candy' actually *did* cost a penny apiece?
ncadams27 AnnieM 47 months ago
Some items were “2 for a penny”.
biscuits18521 AnnieM 47 months ago
I remember certain candy at the store being 2 for 1 cent or 3 for 1 cent. The candies were small but still tasty. One was this chocolate thing, round, with some sprinkles or something on top of it.
Runeshaper 47 months ago
5/11 LOL I love this show! Didn't pay much attention to the menu, but you can't beat those prices! :)
AgingDisgracefully 47 months ago
Not well known is the fact Arnold was thisclose to offering Cheese Fries, but decided even 1950s Milwaukee - in WISCONSIN - wasn't yet ready for such gooey goodness.

But many are aware, and grateful, he gave the celery/broccoli milkshake concept the, "No, thank you."
booster 47 months ago
5/11 I haven't watched the show since its original run.
David 47 months ago
You got 11 out of 11
How did you do? Feeling hungry? Take a look at the actual menu here!
Tlor 47 months ago
6 out of 11, we only got a "jerry's burger' once a year that was in June when school ended. It was our treat for moving up another grade. We never had much in our family so desserts and seconds didn't happen much; oh yeah we had jello for dessert, usually orange, yuck!
Greg Tlor 47 months ago
Yes the days of sharing a 12oz bottle of pop once a week for a treat
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