Which of these Hope/Crosby ''Road To...'' movies did we make up?

We're off on the road to... A Quiz!

 Paramount Pictures

Think you're an expert on the iconic Bob Hope and Bing Crosby "Road to..." series?

Test your knowledge and see if you can distinguish between the genuine adventures of this legendary comedy duo and our cleverly crafted fakes.

Each question will present you with a movie title, and it's up to you to decide whether it's a real "Road to..." film or just a figment of our imagination.

Get ready to journey through Hollywood history and enjoy some nostalgic fun along the way! Can you separate fact from fiction? Take the quiz to find out!

  1. Road to Singapore
  2. Road to Guadalajara
  3. Road to Shanghai
  4. Road to Rio
  5. Road to Timbuktu
  6. Road to Morocco
  7. Road to Hong Kong
  8. Road to Bangkok
  9. Road to Bangalore
  10. Road to Zanzibar

Which of these Hope/Crosby ''Road To...'' movies did we make up?

Your Result...

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scp 13 days ago
Ten out of ten. Probably helps that I've seen them all.

If I remember correctly, the last Road movie had a young Peter Sellers appear briefly as an Indian doctor.
MikefromJersey 25 days ago
"You got 10 out of 10. Hey! Way to go! You sure know your way around a map."

Loved the Road pics, I have seen each one numerous times, plus I enjoyed all the Hope comedies.
But when I got older I discovered what an utter swine Hope was to his family.
He'd leave home for months at a time, living with his latest mistress, taking her to many official
Hollywood events, further humiliating his ever loyal wife.
He spent so much public time with Marilyn Maxwell that for 4 years in Hollywood she was widely
called "Mrs. Bob Hope", he would constantly make reference to her on radio/TV in his comic bits
- how nice for Dolores and the kids, who no doubt were teased in school about it.
He'd come home for a few days for the kids or his wife's birthday, then back to Marilyn.
Those Christmas specials every year when Bob and Dolores sang "Thanks For The Memories",
what BS, was she supposed to celebrate the time her husband stole from her and the kids
when they needed him the most and he wasn't there, "Daddy is with his mistress kids, maybe
he'll make your next student recital or baseball game."
No wonder his daughter married Nancy Malone of "Naked City" fame.
ww245 25 days ago
8/10, I didn't think I'd do that good! Ahhhh the dumb things I remember from when I was a kid...... Keep 'em commin' MeTV!!!
MC1707 ww245 23 days ago
Agreed. But I have read that Delores didn’t take it sitting around. She went about her life with others too. Right or wrong, they both lived that way. Heaven only knows the “home” life at all, if there was one.
JayFlo 27 days ago
The Road to Hong Kong was the only 'Road' picture released in my lifetime.

(Don't figure out my age. LOLOLOL).
DaisyDuke67 30 days ago
I know my boys. 10/10.
Every one of these movies is the best. I love them all.
Bapa1 1 month ago
10/10, my Dad loved these movies.
Wendy57 1 month ago
Guess I should’ve brought along a road map.
ww245 Wendy57 25 days ago
Cute comment! LOL!
Wendy57 ww245 23 days ago
Thanks. You are very kind. 😊
Snickers 1 month ago
9/10 Don't remember The Road to Hong Kong being a road picture.
JayFlo Snickers 27 days ago
It was the last 'Road' picture, and featured Joan Collins.
Snickers JayFlo 27 days ago
Wow. Thanks for the info didn't know Joan Collins was ever in a road picture.
MikefromJersey Snickers 25 days ago
It wasn't very good.
Snickers MikefromJersey 24 days ago
Maybe that's why I don't remember it.
Cougar90 1 month ago
Their movies were actually funny unlike todays' "comedies."
ww245 Cougar90 25 days ago
Can't argue against that! I'm with you 100%
dmirarh ww245 23 days ago
Count me in with that thinking.
ElizabethBoop 1 month ago
Took me like ten seconds to score 10/10. Would have been quicker except for the slow scrolling.

I once created a quiz for a trivia group listing latitude and longitude of seven places and asking (1) which one didn't belong, and (2) what should the right lat and long be? They were the locations, in order, of the seven "Road" pictures, except that in place of Utopia I had given the coordinates of Battle Creek, Michigan (the setting for "Road to Wellville" which wasn't a Hope and Crosby picture).
Following up: another "Road" picture that didn't have Hope and Crosby was the animated "Road to El Dorado", but man was it ever a Road picture in every other sense. Also, first time I saw "Spies Like Us" I started thinking "they're making a Hope & Crosby Road picture!" Ten minutes later Bob Hope himself wanders through, looking for his lost golf ball.
I forgot about that cameo. Can you recall which Road pic Bogie turned up in?
It was a clip from African Queen.
KJExpress 1 month ago
7/10. Kept taking the wrong road! 😬
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