Can you match these groovy far out dance moves to the right show?

Do you know who did the Twitch, the Droop, the Carmine and the Solar Swivel?

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Today, a new dance move’s popularity is measured by its ability to go viral on social media. But in the original heyday of the dance craze — the Fifties and Sixties — songs, movies and TV shows reflected the shimmies and shakes sweeping the nation.

Of course, TV variety and music programs featured the most dancing, but sitcoms had their fair share of hopping and bopping.

Here are a few dance moves seen in classic series. Some parodied real moves, others were inspired by characters or places. Can you match each move to the right show?

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  1. This dance was named after a character in...
  2. This space-age dance is from...
  3. This dance was inspired by chores! What is it from?
  4. What is this reveling romp from?
  5. This dance craze was all the rage in...
  6. This dance was inspired by an injury in...
  7. The name of this dance parodies a real craze. What is it from?
  8. Speaking of real dances, this was one of the first to sweep the country. It was hilariously referenced a few years later in...
  9. In which show did this location-based dance first appear?
  10. Lastly, a “crazy new dance” involving folded arms and a nod of the head was seen in...

Can you match these groovy far out dance moves to the right show?

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