Can you match these groovy far out dance moves to the right show?

Do you know who did the Twitch, the Droop, the Carmine and the Solar Swivel?

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Today, a new dance move’s popularity is measured by its ability to go viral on social media. But in the original heyday of the dance craze — the Fifties and Sixties — songs, movies and TV shows reflected the shimmies and shakes sweeping the nation.

Of course, TV variety and music programs featured the most dancing, but sitcoms had their fair share of hopping and bopping.

Here are a few dance moves seen in classic series. Some parodied real moves, others were inspired by characters or places. Can you match each move to the right show?

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  1. This dance was named after a character in...
  2. This space-age dance is from...
  3. This dance was inspired by chores! What is it from?
  4. What is this reveling romp from?
  5. This dance craze was all the rage in...
  6. This dance was inspired by an injury in...
  7. The name of this dance parodies a real craze. What is it from?
  8. Speaking of real dances, this was one of the first to sweep the country. It was hilariously referenced a few years later in...
  9. In which show did this location-based dance first appear?
  10. Lastly, a “crazy new dance” involving folded arms and a nod of the head was seen in...

Can you match these groovy far out dance moves to the right show?

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MissTheOldDays 20 months ago
This was cool. One I got wrong because I second guessed myself.
I scored and 8/10
eugenebelvinandmoosefan8 21 months ago
On Happy Days on.the Episodes with
Richie's band I wonder if BAG (Neil J Schwartz) and DAPHNE (Hillary Horan)And Chachi(Scott Baio) Really
Played the Drums in Richie's band?
Moverfan 21 months ago
9/10. I associated the Hooterville Hop with Green Acres. (Personal rule of thumb--the answer to any question is generally also found in the current MeTV lineup.)
Snickers 21 months ago
5/10. Had two left feet on this one.
PTMER 21 months ago
I wish that Tune In With Me would show a cartoon from the 1940s, called "You Ought To Be In Pictures", which featured Porky Pig, Daffy Duck and Leon Schlesinger.
It combined animation with live action.
The plot was Porky and Daffy want to star in movies. So he goes to Leon and asks to be released from his contract. Leon agrees but promises that Porky will be back. Both Daffy and Porky try to get into various movie lots and sets to no avail. Porky eventually goes back to Leon's office to sheepishly ask for his job back. Leon never tore up Porky's contract. Things end happily...except for Daffy...who was assaulted by Porky and ends up with a tomato to the face...🤣
TheOnlyONE 21 months ago
10/10. The names were too obvious.
eugenebelvinandmoosefan8 21 months ago
I like The Hooterville Hop on
Petticoat Junction . That Episode with the HOOTERVILLE HOP on
Petticoat Junction was the LAST
Played by Russ Horton.
I also like Do The Fonzie Dance on
The Stolen Melodies Episode of Happy Days with Skip Oliver as host
And I like The Twist by Chubby
Checker .
Shatner1 21 months ago
8/10! Had to guess at some.
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