Which Gunsmoke character best matches your personality?

Who would you be in Dodge City?


The classic TV western Gunsmoke sustained its amazing 20-year run by getting many things right. It was suspenseful and dramatic while also being funny and heartwarming.

The main cast was a huge part of its appeal. James Arness as Marshal Matt Dillon anchored an ensemble that had a range of personalities from eager to ornery, kooky to kind. There was saloon owner Kitty Russell and Doctor Galen Adams. Chester Goode delivered heart and laughs with Festus Haggen providing comic relief in later seasons. And who could forget young Newly O'Brien, who was always willing to help out the marshal or Doc Adams.

Answer these ten questions to find out which character best matches your personality.

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  1. Where would you most like to live?
  2. What would you eat for breakfast?
  3. A stranger comes to town. What do you do?
  4. You’re stranded alone in the wilderness. What do you wish you had the most?
  5. How do you prefer to travel?
  6. Your job is…
  7. You think someone is cheating at cards so you…
  8. You walk into a party and…
  9. A fight breaks out in the bar. You…
  10. You want to demonstrate your love for someone so you…

Which Gunsmoke character best matches your personality?

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ColonelMustard 13 months ago
I got Festus. Even after I answered that I would rather travel by horse than a mule. LOL
CheshireKhat 13 months ago
Matt Dillon. Finally get to be tall! Lol
Dario 38 months ago
I got Chester! Oh brother! 😆😆😆😆😆
buckshott 38 months ago
I'm Matt Dillon. "Alright, hold it". (Did you ever notice, he says that a lot.)
DS62 40 months ago
Ha! I went back and changed one answer and went from Doc Adams to Miss Kitty! Funny AI...lol
Teekat 46 months ago
I'm Matt Dillon! Drop your gun!
Joseph 48 months ago
Miss Kitty, oh Lord! "By" them flowers? To err is human, to proofread is divine.
Rollinby8 48 months ago
I’m Newly and I would’ve said I was like him before I took the quiz. So I’m happy with the outcome.
Aja 49 months ago
So I'm Miss Kitty I like her because she has a very strong side to her and also a very compassionate side I especially like the episode where she wanted to keep a little baby that was abandoned I think
MAlan57 49 months ago
Miss Kitty? I guess I need a sex change!
Tvines58 49 months ago
I am Newly. I would say that is very accurate!
gmail 49 months ago
I agree even us older folks enjoy the Flintstones, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, etc.
gmail 49 months ago
After 40 years in Law Enforcement, Matt Dillon...honored!
tecrebs2017 50 months ago
I find it disappointing they are about to stop showing the Flintstones to start showing Mama's Family & Happy Days. Why not keep Flintstones & add Three's Company & Bugs Bunny & Alice & Adam 12
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