Which classic show is Phil Silvers in?

He guest starred on many sitcoms but also dropped by sci-fi and detective shows.

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Phil Silvers performs Hamlet the Musical on Gilligan’s Island
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Phil Silvers began his career on vaudeville stages before appearing in 1940s films like You’re in the Army Now and Cover Girl. His military sitcom The Phil Silvers Show made him a household name and cemented his place as a go-to guest star in the years after. He often played irritable but hilarious bosses and fathers on all kinds of shows.

Here are ten Phil Silvers TV appearances from the Sixties and Seventies. Try to guess which show each image is from!

  1. Can you tell what show this is?
  2. This is Phil Silvers in…
  3. Silvers played a ship’s captain in…
  4. What show is this scene from?
  5. Silvers spoofed his famous Sgt. Bilko character on which sketch show?
  6. Here is Phil Silvers in…
  7. Silvers played the owner of an ice-skating show in…
  8. Silvers played a shifty character on which sitcom?
  9. No, Phil Silvers isn’t playing Batman villain Mr. Freeze. He’s a kids’ TV host in…
  10. Which variety show is Silvers in here?

Which classic show is Phil Silvers in?

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ClassicTVnut 20 months ago
8/10. Phil Silvers was hilarious!
Anonymous 20 months ago
Fun Fact!

Phil Silvers was the real-life Father of the girl who played Joanie's best friend Jenny Piccolo on Happy Days.
Dario 20 months ago
9 out of 10. 😁😁😁😁😁
hyppymom 20 months ago
2:08pm CST Watching him on Gilligan's Island right now in Houston Texas!!!!
hyppymom hyppymom 20 months ago
Oh yeah, 8/10 cuz I was distracted by the show lolz 🙂
lynngdance 20 months ago
Oh for anyone who’s curious, The Phil Silvers Show airs on (what I think is MeTV’s sister-channel) Decades. I recently discovered I was able to pick up that channel a couple weeks ago. Oh, and...though I hadn’t watched it until I found it on Decades a couple weeks ago... I am now hooked on Dark Shadows 😆😝lol. I have my DVR set to record it since it comes on at the crack of dawn. 🦇🌕🩸 (Maybe that would be something good for MeTV’s Fall Schedule. Especially because of Halloween and all, that’d be something eerie for them to air in October. 😄)
bnichols23 20 months ago
13. OK, yeah, I lied. 9. Nope, lied again. 7. That's the truth. Yeah, not much, is it? :)
TheDavBow3 20 months ago
Missed 3, 8 and 9. I guessed Charlie's Angels. A lot of pink in that picture 😉
tootsieg 20 months ago
7/10. Phil Silvers was a longtime favorite. Sgt Bilko was the funniest show.
UTZAAKE 20 months ago
6/10; 3, 7, 8 and 9.
9. He looks like one-time radio personality/Chicago Bulls public address announcer Tommy Edwards in this scene.
Mistertelvison 20 months ago
The quizz about Phil Sliver Show is for me because is was easy for me to remember who knew that bad for a old man
Jeremy 20 months ago
I missed the Charlie's Angels one
Catman 20 months ago
Bilko was one of my favorites. Great show, great characters, and let's remember Top Cat owed it all to Phil Silvers. Arnold Stang, another fave, was awesome as TC and was the only one who could have done Phil's character.
Catman Catman 20 months ago
Oh yeah, 8/10
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