Which character from the Andy Griffith Christmas episode are you?

Which character in this classic Christmas episode are you?


Ah, yes, the holidays. From smelling gingerbread cookies to gifting and receiving gifts, there's no other time of the year like it. The Andy Griffith Show is a classic series that we'll never get tired of and one fan-favorite episode is "Christmas Story." 

Ben Weaver, a character played by Will Wright, doesn't care about participating in holiday fun. At least, that's what he wants others in Mayberry to believe. His goal is to get Sam Muggins locked up, and he achieves it, but there's a catch. Andy and a few others are having a Christmas party...in jail!

Take this quiz, and find out which character from the episode you are!

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  1. Which Christmas song is your favorite?
  2. What's your favorite Christmas color?
  3. What's your favorite warm beverage?
  4. How many times do you say 'happy holidays' during the season?
  5. What's your favorite cookie?
  6. What time do you open gitfs?
  7. What time do you eat Christmas dinner?
  8. Would you go Christmas caroling?

Which character from the Andy Griffith Christmas episode are you?

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DeborahRoberts 6 months ago
I'm an Andy, which suits me just fine.
gmail 16 months ago
You're more like Ben Weaver
Hey, even Ben realized having fun is not so bad after all.

Once again taking a quiz about Ben Weaver I matched up. Truthfully told, yes it's a match!

Ho Ho Ho &
Merry Christmas...
bukhrn 18 months ago
Some of the questions didn't apply, but this year, Ben is right on the money, it's a humbug kind of year.
amandatulloch 18 months ago
I’m an Andy. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays everyone.
eebb2020 18 months ago
I can definitely relate to Andy’s character. I’ve been told I’m very kind and like to make everyone happy especially at Christmas.
Rhlauer8341 18 months ago
I love it when the store owner changes heart and gives everyone gifts, and how he gives them out.
JERRY6 18 months ago
Coldnorth JERRY6 11 months ago
I revolt, I am not a Ben Weaver…….
wheezer 18 months ago
Ben Weaver??? totally did not see that coming! lol
Merry Christmas
Jan65 18 months ago
I never say happy holidays, I always say Merry Christmas. That should have been a choice.
trodes Jan65 18 months ago
Yes me too
Coldnorth trodes 11 months ago
When I worked at a big chain store we were told to never say Merry Christmas, always must be Happy Holidays to include every religion. Out of habit, I always said Merry Christmas
Steve67 18 months ago
I got Andy, It's a good thought but I'm no Andy
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