Which band/artist had more appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show?

Who had more head-to-head appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show?

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Some of the greatest performers, comedians and artists appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show. Sullivan is best known for introducing America to The Beatles, and sending the career of Elvis Presley into the stratosphere. 

The legendary host had his favorites throughout his show, which began all the way back in 1948 and aired until 1971. Sullivan was known for his flubs and shaky stance on camera, but he always brought in the hottest performers showbiz had to offer, and plenty of them were musical artists. 

From the British Invasion to some of rock 'n' roll's greatest bands, if they were on the rise, they were on Sullivan

In each question, two artists/groups will be listed. It's up to you to decide which had more appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show

Good luck!

  1. Let's start off strong. Did Elvis or The Beatles have more appearances on Ed Sullivan?
  2. From the British Invasion, did The Animals or The Rolling Stone have more appearances?
  3. Nat King Cole vs. The Temptations?
  4. How about The Jackson 5 vs. Marvin Gaye?
  5. Who had more appearances on Ed Sullivan: Neil Diamond or Johnny Cash?
  6. Who do you think had more appearances, Herman's Hermits or Ray Charles?
  7. What about Creedence Clearwater Revival vs. The Mamas & The Papas? Which group appeared more on Sullivan?
  8. The Doors vs. Janis Joplin?
  9. What about Tony Bennett and Nancy Sinatra, who had more appearances?

Which band/artist had more appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show?

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