Which Bugs Bunny mood are you?

There is no doubt that Bugs Bunny is a whole mood, but which mood best matches your personality?

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Everyone loves Bugs Bunny but let's admit it, he can be in some pretty big moods. Whether he's being silly, sly or sarcastic...Bugs Bunny is full of personality. He's the rabbit of the people and can take on many personalities, disguises, characteristics and emotions. There is more depth to the rabbit than you may realize.

So which Bugs Bunny mood matches yours the best? Let's find out! 

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  1. Your alarm goes off in the morning, which mood do you usually wake up in?
  2. We bring you a platter of different kinds of food. Which of these would you choose to eat?
  3. It's a long weekend, what are you doing on your day off?
  4. It's a party! What game do you suggest to play?
  5. What part of your day do you look forward to the most?
  6. Finish this sentence. "Life is..."
  7. How would your friends describe your personality?
  8. You and your friend have plans for the day. What would you most likely be doing?
  9. Your friend has a rough week, what do you do to cheer them up?
  10. Which of these describes how you feel most days?
  11. How do you feel about social situations?
  12. Which Bugs Bunny disguise would you dress up as?

Which Bugs Bunny mood are you?

Your Result...

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bagandwallyfan52 21 months ago
The Evolution of Bugs Bunny .
bagandwallyfan52 21 months ago
This Is It by Bugs Bunny and
Daffy Duck.
Deathstalker83 22 months ago
I got Rascally Bugs !!! What happened with MeTV … I want my MeTV back !!! Not this crappy Charge TV … I miss watching Andy Griffith Show and on Weekends I watch Kolchak The Night Stalker !!! Altoona PA !!!
RichLorn 22 months ago
Fun Bugs? blah. I was shooting for Sex Appeal Bugs.
Sammytra 22 months ago
Sleepy I work nights and sleep all day
DanDo77 22 months ago
Just Now
I answered all the questions about Bugs but it's not telling me which personality I am. I don't mind a survery or a quiz, but it should at least give me a result.
Catnaps 22 months ago
Sleepy Bugs

With one eye open lol
Deleted 22 months ago
This comment has been removed.
tmac1951 22 months ago
Most of their shows are on utube, and a lot of them are commercial free. If you have computer or a smart TV, free channels are everywhere..
Crisf 22 months ago
Love my family! Love life! Thankful to be here! Smile! Be happy! Blessed! Love!
Charlotte 22 months ago
Sleepy bunny and I earned it! lol!
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