Which Bugs Bunny best matches your personality?

Which side of Bugs suits you best?


Though Bugs Bunny has a distinct personality, there are many sides to it. It’s what makes him such a dynamic and beloved character! He's a rabbit of the people but sometimes he likes to be hoity-toity and high class. His happy-go-lucky nature can be mischievous, silly, or calm and cool.

Answer these ten personality questions and find out which Bugs Bunny you are!

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  1. What would you like to eat the most?
  2. What do you wear most often?
  3. If you had a long weekend, what would you do?
  4. If you could, which wild animal would you want as a pet?
  5. What’s the best way to get on someone’s good side?
  6. Which of these card games do you like the best?
  7. What’s the best part about your day?
  8. If you could play any of these musical instruments, which one would you play?
  9. If you joined the circus, which act would you be?
  10. Which of these Looney Tunes characters is your favorite?

Which Bugs Bunny best matches your personality?

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Glornt 10 months ago
Happy... which makes me very angry.
littlefatchick 29 months ago
I love watching MeTv in the morning. I love watching the old cartoons from the past.
MichaelSkaggs 31 months ago
Happy Bugs. However you still need NOTA on the ballot.
bsantaniello 32 months ago
Happy. Sounds about right. 😀
Toonhead 32 months ago
I’m happy Bugs!?! And here all the time I was thinking that I was rascally Bugs! Maybe that’s the recessive part of my personality lol. Well heck, that does make me happy!
shannonb 33 months ago
Relaxed.....not so much. 😋
mojomoonjo 33 months ago
Happy. No,no,no. That's all wrong. I am most certainly RASCALLY. 🤪
Toonhead mojomoonjo 32 months ago
That’s what I thought too! I knew I wasn’t the only one lmao!
pmg1ber 34 months ago
Got the Classy Bugs. Didn't see that one coming. 😕
Feisty1 35 months ago
JohnAustin779 35 months ago
I got Happy Bugs😊! In that last question about who your favorite Looney Tune is, they should've included Taz. I feel more like Taz then Bugs 😆😄!
PulsarStargrave 35 months ago
I got "Happy Bugs" but that's a bit off, I'm more of a rascal....or so I've been told!
Flash4001 35 months ago
#10.... What????? No Pete Puma????? Pete Puma cracks me up
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