Which Barney Fife best matches your personality?

Which Fife fits you?

Everyone can relate to Barney Fife. His antics may be uniquely and hilariously portrayed by Don Knotts but the predicaments he often finds himself in are universal. The many sides of Barney range from confident to fearful, goofy to deadly serious.

Find out which side of Fife fits you best in this quiz!

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  1. In the mornings…
  2. If there is a problem at work…
  3. When I play board games…
  4. My favorite place to eat is…
  5. If people praised me for something I didn’t do…
  6. Life is…
  7. When I pack my suitcase…
  8. Before a first date I mostly feel…
  9. On the weekends I like to…
  10. Which of these would you most want to live in?

Which Barney Fife best matches your personality?

Your Result...

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richaroo74 5 days ago
You are Tough Barney!
You get the job done!
Didn't know a tough Barney existed. Lol
Mob39 7 days ago
You are Serious Barney! Citizens arrest! Citizens arrest! I Nippet in the bud! I Nippet in the bud!
JayBurd 9 days ago
You are Serious Barney!
hermanstein2015 10 days ago
I'm serious Barney but was Barney ever really serious lol!
ironman2000 10 days ago
I can't believe it, I'm happy Barney.
Wendy57 10 days ago
I got Serious Barney.
I can be serious when it’s called for, but, I’ve been told that I have a pretty sharp wit and can be pretty funny too.
JennylovesTV 11 days ago
I got serious Barney. I promise I like to have fun too.😉
CaptainDunsel 11 days ago
Apparently I'm the "Scared Barney".

More likely I'd be drummed out of the Fife Corp.
Maverick66 11 days ago
Serious Barney. Eh, depends on the situation. I like to have fun, too.
Zip 11 days ago
I got Serious Barney.
MikefromJersey 11 days ago
"You are Happy Barney! You won't let anything get you down!"
Darn right, now where are The Fun Girls?
Zip MikefromJersey 11 days ago
Oh Bernie, you're such a lady-killer.
CaptainDunsel Zip 11 days ago
Spaceseed Zip 8 days ago
Hi ya doll.
McGillahooala 11 days ago
I am tough Barney
JHP McGillahooala 6 days ago
but dont your bones break - like the chicken:)
KJExpress 11 days ago
Scared Barney. Well, that doesn't surprise me. 😲
Moody 11 days ago
I read the questions & declined to answer. This is a silly quiz.
KJExpress Moody 11 days ago
There have been so few quizzes lately. I took this one out of desperation. I don't even watch TAGS. 🙃
JHP KJExpress 6 days ago
well - if you need to hear yelling - that's the show for sure - but then there's the Honeymooners also
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