Which Barney Fife best matches your personality?

Which Fife fits you?

Everyone can relate to Barney Fife. His antics may be uniquely and hilariously portrayed by Don Knotts but the predicaments he often finds himself in are universal. The many sides of Barney range from confident to fearful, goofy to deadly serious.

Find out which side of Fife fits you best in this quiz!

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  1. In the mornings…
  2. If there is a problem at work…
  3. When I play board games…
  4. My favorite place to eat is…
  5. If people praised me for something I didn’t do…
  6. Life is…
  7. When I pack my suitcase…
  8. Before a first date I mostly feel…
  9. On the weekends I like to…
  10. Which of these would you most want to live in?

Which Barney Fife best matches your personality?

Your Result...

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Moriyah 22 months ago
I really wish they could do one with GP! Do you agree with me on that?! (Let me know)
kimmer 24 months ago
Hmmm Serious Barney.....lmao
Newyorkcitygal 24 months ago
I also got Happy. I love this show and still to this day enjoy the reruns.
RobertK 24 months ago
I got Happy Barney. Life IS short, why spend it in worry and gloom. Enjoy all of it, nobody gets out of this world alive!!
Debbie 24 months ago
You are Scared Barney!
You like to live on the safe side just in case!
JewelsChuck 24 months ago
I got happy Barney! It’s rare for him and I got it.
JHP 24 months ago
none of these - got an ego but not like his and his love life would kill me (haha) Juanita - Hilda mae and Thelma Lou and then Ellie and then the scammer couple and then the "college girl" and then and then and then
iansdonegan 24 months ago
I’m sorry that I scared you Barney. :c
JC 24 months ago
You are Tough Barney!
You get the job done!
CrowTServo 24 months ago
Awww...I’m Happy Barney! 😁
marmetv20 24 months ago
Scared Batney - i think I've changed over the years
Vee 24 months ago
Tough Barney - I get the job done!
lucy 24 months ago
Love Barney ♥️♥️♥️
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