Was this a Mayberry character or a Perry Mason killer?

See if you can judge these characters by their names alone!


What's in a name? Can you judge a character's… well, character from his or her name alone?

Let's put that to the test. We've mixed guilty killers from Perry Mason with far more innocent folks from The Andy Griffith Show. See if you can suss out which ones were the murderers.

Of course, you might just be a TV trivia expert and remember all these characters!

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  1. Leif Early
  2. Nell Grimes
  3. Dud Wash
  4. Conception O'Higgins
  5. Sharon DeSpain
  6. Asa Bascomb
  7. Keevy Hazelton
  8. Pappy Ryan
  9. Fletch Dilbeck
  10. Lucky Sterling
  11. P. E. Overbrook
  12. Myrt ''Hubcaps'' Lesh
  13. Cyrus Tankersley
  14. Park Milgrave
  15. Goring Gilbert
  16. Ramona Ankrum

Was this a Mayberry character or a Perry Mason killer?

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Newyorkcitygal 42 months ago
14/16 not bad if I do say so myself lol!
Filmnoirfan 43 months ago
13/16 - seen every episode of PM multiple times so I should have done better. Always enjoy watching both shows nevertheless
CrowTServo 43 months ago
16/16. I know my Andy Griffith trivia. 😁
Ceecee 43 months ago
missed 13 who was cyrus tankersley
dodgebob 43 months ago
That was tough, 10/16, didn't expect to do well.
FLETCH 43 months ago
8 out of 16, started guessing at the end. Not the best trivia
43 months ago
13/16 ... I thought I knew my TAGS characters.
fivecents cabugi 43 months ago
I thought I did too 12/16
STTOS 43 months ago
You got 16 out of 16 - You kept your cool in the midst of all these lesser-known characters! Nice work! I've never seen an episode of Perry Mason but I do know my TAGS!! :)
TonyDStrong 43 months ago
You got 8 out of 16
i b prowd of my hi skor!
miapiamau 43 months ago
I love to watch Mason........ but I got 14 / 16 huh...
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