Tell us your road trip preferences and we'll tell you where you're going

Are you taking a road trip with friends, or are you in it for the views? Buckle up and turn on the radio; it's time to put it in drive.

Who doesn't love a good road trip? Road trips have been an American staple since the 1930s. Travel has changed a lot over time: More routes have become available for travelers, navigation systems are easier than ever, and with social media, people can follow along with the journey.

Road trips provide us with a nice break from our busy lives. You don't even need to have a destination in mind, you just need a rockin' playlist, a few snacks, and a ride. Some of these trips can be short, while others can be entirely too long, depending on who you're traveling with.

Most of us have been on at least one road trip, others have been on multiple. But for some, this might be your very first one! Pack your bags and relax; this road trip is just beginning!

  1. You're getting ready to go on a road trip. Here comes the fun part: What snacks are you bringing on the trip?
  2. Everyone knows a good playlist is important. What genre of music are you interested in listening to during the drive?
  3. Playing games in the car during a road trip is a great way to pass some time. Which game are you choosing?
  4. What is your favorite part about going on a trip?
  5. Who are you taking with you on this road trip?
  6. How long do you want to be gone on this road trip?
  7. What types of destination spots do you lean more towards?
  8. Pit stop! We don't know where you're stopping, you tell us!
  9. Can't go on a trip without the luggage! How much have you packed for your road trip?
  10. Typically, what is your first stop once you reach your destination?

Tell us your road trip preferences and we'll tell you where you're going

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MikefromJersey 1 day ago
"You got The East Coast/New York You're going on a road trip to the East Coast!"
That's spot on. NYC, the Finger Lakes, Watkins Glen for racing, Coopers Town, breath
taking scenery, Niagara Falls and the NY Yankees. Plus it's all on the way to Canada,
with Montreal and Toronto, the Canadians are a great people.
Dugan 2 days ago
Michigan-the upper peninsula. Porcupine mountains. Ready set go. Also, we will play “bury the cows”
120766 2 days ago
I miss travelling with my DAD 😞
McGillahooala 3 days ago
Grand Teton, Yellowstone, and Glacier National parks.
Muleskinner 3 days ago
Grand Teton, Yellowstone, and Glacier National parks.
Marye 4 days ago
Grand Canyon? I don't think 'down south' is North Carolina...
purplerose60 4 days ago
Picked National Parks for me, got it right on the nose!
Mac2Nite 4 days ago
New York? Hardly! We head to the NC beaches this time of year!
Spaceseed 4 days ago
I would never go to California. Florida for the fishing, yes.
Wenatchee7 4 days ago
Grand Teton/Yellowstone. Never been and don't really want to visit.
dodgebob 4 days ago
Route 666, I was overruled on taking the pet with, and leaving the kids home. It's not a vacation if there's a budget, and It's not much of a vacation if you spend half of it driving. The Clampets figured right by putting half the occupants on the roof.
Charlotte 4 days ago
Grand Teton/Yellowstone! Ironically I went there camping as a child.
philip22 5 days ago
I got new york I I was going to South not North East
Mac2Nite philip22 4 days ago
Same here! This quiz makes no sense!
Sally 5 days ago
I got East Coast/New York. Upstate NY is nice, but I'd rather hit up New Hampshire and Maine!
Moverfan 5 days ago
"You got the Midwest/Michigan!"
Newsflash--I'm IN Michigan (born and raised here, thank you).
By the way, the questions about the snacks and the occasional stops both need to have an All Of The Above option (maybe you're not allowed to eat in the car, but when did that stop anybody?).
ww245 5 days ago
Uh, wrong....... first time you guys didn't get it.
MichaelVegas 5 days ago
Its funny it said "You got Route 66" and I DID THAT about 25 years ago
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