Where in the world is John Denver singing about?

Where exactly are those country roads?


Our buddy John Denver has been everywhere around this big old country, and more often than not, he included many of his experiences visiting these places in songs. This quiz is only for the biggest John Denver fans as we'll provide you a lyric, and it's your job to tell us where the heck he's singing about!

  1. In "Take Me Home, Country Roads," Denver sings, "Almost Heaven, ________"
  2. What state is Denver asking to "Give this child a home. Give him the love of a good family and a woman of his own. Give him a fire in his heart, give him a light in his eyes?"
  3. In the Denver song, "To The Wild Country," he sings, "Then my heart turns to _____ and freedom on the run." What state is his heart turning to?
  4. What city did Denver describe as "like being nowhere at all?"
  5. Also included in the same song, Denver mentions "just two lonely truckers" What state are the truckers from?
  6. John Denver sings, "Up in a _____ in Jasper, Alberta." What word is missing from this lyric?
  7. By the way, what song was the previous lyric from?
  8. Where is Denver discussing in his song ""Rocky Mountain High?"
  9. When Denver sings, "Here's to the wild and here's to the free. Here's to my life in a chosen country," Where is he singing about?
  10. And as an extra fun bonus question, where was John Denver born?

Where in the world is John Denver singing about?

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IndianaRockz 7 months ago
Check it out


AND ANOTHER ANNOYING LIL BRAT---- that lil neighbor boy Ricky with the lil girl hairdo on The Partridge Family who always had to just happen to be there at the end of the show to squeek out a dumb 'cutesy' song with the Partridges. Soooo annoying!
pony 7 months ago
10/10. Started listening to John Denver in the mid-1970s and never stopped. Not only knew all the songs referenced in this quiz, but could sing them without prompting. Denver was underappreciated by the critics as a songwriter and artist but his fans knew then - and know now - he was something special.
TSeym22 7 months ago
7/10 Amazingly, there were a couple of songs I wasn't familiar with. I'm a big John Denver fan, so now I'll have to go find them!
WGH 7 months ago
I'm from West Virginia and they play Country Roads at every WVU home game.

It's actually one of the state songs.

And he didn't have any particular state in mind when he wrote the song but he needed a state with four syllables. Like West Virginia ( and I know technically it has five syllables but no one pronounces it like that around here)
Tigerboo 7 months ago
6/10–I thought I knew Denver’s songs. I didn’t recognize several. Surprised I did so poorly. 😔
KawiVulc 7 months ago
6/10. The John Denver - Mama Cass Leaving On A Jet Plane duet from I think Midnight Special is phenomenal.
Wendy57 7 months ago
Some friends and I saw John Denver in concert back in the 70’s. It was a great performance.
AllisonWunderland 7 months ago
5/10…😲 that’s not very good
Zip 7 months ago
May not know the lyrics to many of his songs, but I sure respect the like the man. He was just a good fellow.
Although sometimes when I look at him I think of Cousin Oliver.

I purposely got #4 wrong, because even though I knew the answer couldn't possibly be "Madison, WI." I mean, who would ever sing about Madison? I picked it because of the "like being nowhere at all" line. It certainly is nowhere. A bunch of nobodies, with their nothing "education" at the University ranked as one of the "best party schools"(what a distinction, huh?!) while wallowing in a cesspool of their own making in the middle of an otherwise beautiful state(okay, Milwaukee and Beloit could use some work, too. At least they have an excuse... they are too near Illinois.).
AllisonWunderland Zip 7 months ago
Cousin Oliver immediately comes to mind with me too!
pops1 AllisonWunderland 7 months ago
I did too ! When I first saw Oliver, I thought is that John Denvers kid ? 7 out of 10 for me.
WGH Zip 7 months ago
Who would sing about West Virginia?

It's easily his most popular song!
Moverfan Zip 6 months ago
🎵Just two lonely truckers from Great Falls, Montana and a salesman from places unknown...🎶
Wenatchee7 7 months ago
6/10 I only know the hit songs.
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