What decade are these vintage animal ads from?

This quiz has gone to the dogs, cats, ducks and even monkeys!

 London Fog / Ken-L Ration / Chevrolet / Shell / Enco

Animals have always been used in advertisements. They’re the stars of the show for dog food and grooming products but they also pop up in spots for cars, cereal, shirts and even carpeting!

Here are 15 vintage ads from the 1950s, ‘60s and ‘70s. Take a “gander” at these questions right “meow” and see if you can correctly place each one in the right decade.  

    Image: Shell
    Image: Rich's
    Image: Ramey
    Image: Friskies
    Image: Enco
    Image: Pepsi
    Image: Pulvex
    Image: Post
    Image: Gulistan
    Image: Chevrolet
    Image: Ken-L Ration
    Image: Alcoa
    Image: Fram
    Image: Purina
    Image: London Fog

What decade are these vintage animal ads from?

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Runeshaper 12 months ago
8/15 Some of the ads are ADORABLE! (-:
Peter_Falk_Fan 12 months ago
14/15 The cereal ad got me (guessed 60s). There were some good clues, like fashion and cars.
Sugar Crisp was introduced in the '50's, but its famous mascot Sugar Bear was the '60's! Fun fact: He was featured in a Saturday morning cartoon where he sounded like Bing Crosby!
Yeah, I wasn't sure when he became the mascot. I remember Sugar Bear kept stealing from Granny Goodwitch, but she was never mad. "I can't get enough of that Sugar Crisp, Sugar Crisp, Sugar Crisp."
Muleskinner 12 months ago
11/15. The clothes people are wearing helped.
MrsPhilHarris 12 months ago
9/15 I thought I would do better. Started off strong then fell apart.
KJExpress 12 months ago
11/15. Hoped I'd do a bit better but the photos are pretty small on my phone. (I know....excuses, excuses.)
texasluva 12 months ago
12 out of 15. Some were good tells while others not so much.
Big3Fan 12 months ago
1️⃣3️⃣ Two of my answers didn't ad up.
Maverick66 12 months ago
11/15. Better than I usually do on this type of quiz. I enjoy seeing all the old ads.
KJExpress Maverick66 12 months ago
I like seeing the old ads, too. 👍
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