What decade are these vintage animal ads from?

This quiz has gone to the dogs, cats, ducks and even monkeys!

Image: London Fog / Ken-L Ration / Chevrolet / Shell / Enco

Animals have always been used in advertisements. They’re the stars of the show for dog food and grooming products but they also pop up in spots for cars, cereal, shirts and even carpeting!

Here are 15 vintage ads from the 1950s, ‘60s and ‘70s. Take a “gander” at these questions right “meow” and see if you can correctly place each one in the right decade.  

  1. Image: Shell
  2. Image: Rich's
  3. Image: Ramey
  4. Image: Friskies
  5. Image: Enco
  6. Image: Pepsi
  7. Image: Pulvex
  8. Image: Post
  9. Image: Gulistan
  10. Image: Chevrolet
  11. Image: Ken-L Ration
  12. Image: Alcoa
  13. Image: Fram
  14. Image: Purina
  15. Image: London Fog

What decade are these vintage animal ads from?

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daDoctah 11 months ago
Missed three. One from each decade. Didn't pay much attention to carpet ads back in the day.
HaveFaith2005 11 months ago
I'm too young to know this. Just guessed. Got three right
duffer77 12 months ago
6 out of 15. I am a dummy. Ugh
Yolandadiana 12 months ago
13 out of 15.....Not bad for a human!
DancingFool 12 months ago
11/15 pretty good for a human.
UnicornPrincess 12 months ago
11/15... that white cat is so funny!
KellyShort 12 months ago
You got 9 out of 15
Over 50%
MrsPhilHarris 12 months ago
11/15 Had to guess a lot of them.
TheDavBow3 12 months ago
I read where Buck Owen's wrote "Tiger By The Tail" with inspiration from "Put A Tiger In Your Tank". I assumed the 1960s.
TheDavBow3 12 months ago
11/15. Ok, I guess. I remember Lorne Green and Alpo
Lillyrose 12 months ago
6 out of 15. Fun quiz! I love the pink trees!
Big3Fan 12 months ago
I missed #14. Looks like a 60s model dog to me.
AllisonWunderland Big3Fan 12 months ago
What? LOL! ..... 60's model 🐶 I'm still laughing!!! Please explain how you came up with that, LOL
TheDavBow3 Big3Fan 12 months ago
Big 3 - Cass Elliot with beehive hairdo?
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