Were these hilarious pranks pulled in M*A*S*H or Hogan’s Heroes?

Hawkeye and company loved a good prank while Hogan was the ultimate hoaxer.


M*A*S*H never shied away from portraying the tragic and demoralizing circumstances that the 4077th faced on a daily basis. But the war-weary surgeons and nurses found plenty of ways to keep their spirits up, including playing practical jokes on each other.

Though Col. Hogan and his gang of conspirators in Hogan’s Heroes appeared to be in a dire situation, they leapt at any chance of revenge with cunning plans and hilarious hoaxes. 

How well do you know the tricks, gags and practical jokes seen on both classic shows? Try to match these pranks to the right series!

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  1. Using a tripwire to unleash a bucket of water onto someone’s head.
  2. Impersonating officers over the phone and using fake newspaper headlines to say the war is over.
  3. Convincing a colonel that he has psychic powers.
  4. Putting a joy buzzer in an envelope disguised as mail.
  5. Building an intricate but useless electronic device called a gonculator.
  6. Putting hamburger meat in someone's ears while they sleep so a dog will wake them up licking their face.
  7. Driving a tank through camp, destroying structures and flattening a car.
  8. Tricking a character into thinking he has a fatal disease, abbreviated DPP.
  9. A jovial colonel pretending to be a hardnosed, irritable grouch who fakes a heart attack.
  10. Convincing a colonel that he has been promoted to general, even though he is totally unprepared for the new job.

Were these hilarious pranks pulled in M*A*S*H or Hogan’s Heroes?

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WilliamJorns 14 months ago
I only got two wrong: the water bucket trap, and fooling a colonel into thinking he was going to die. Those were both on "Hogan's Heroes," not "MASH" like I thought they were. Oh, well; I did pretty well otherwise.
TijuanaSlim 25 months ago

If they'd listed "Both" as an option or phrased it differently ( 5, 7 & 8 ) I know I would have missed a few
Andy_Griffith_Forever 25 months ago
The hard nose officer from M*A*S*H, APRIL FOOLS!
DaveBunzel 25 months ago
Frank Burns driving a tank through the 4077 wasn't a prank. It was a failed attempt to show off for Margaret.
WilliamJorns DaveBunzel 14 months ago
How true! It just showed how much of an incompetent Frank really was.
Coldnorth 25 months ago
I love hogan’s heroes got them all right
russhowe57 26 months ago
How about putting on reruns of Sgt Bilko?
RedSamRackham russhowe57 17 months ago
* They're on every weeknight on Decades channel! But I'd like to see Jackie Cooper's "Hennessey"
FlaFeral 26 months ago
Got 9. Missed the tank one..I was thinking H.H. when they stole the, "newest tiger", hiding it in the rec Hall to disassemble study, copy, reassemble. One of my fav's!
Moverfan FlaFeral 25 months ago
And all Newkirk wanted was an oil change!
BrianSnodgrass 26 months ago
9/10 I can’t believe I didn’t think of the Daniel Webster Tucker episode on MASH.
David BrianSnodgrass 26 months ago
Go SOX!!!!
eddiecantorfan 26 months ago
It's too bad that METV never has
an April Fool's Day Marathon of
Either Classic Sitcoms or The
Three Stooges with persons playing
Practical Jokes on their friends.
Buddy Sorrel (Morey Amsterdam)
Played a practical joke on Rob
Petrie(Dick Van Dyke) when Buddy
And Phil Fra klin (Lennie Weinrib)
pretended to be employees of the
Phone Company and asked Rob to
Scream like a chicken .
On Leave It To Beaver Lumpy Rutherford Frank Bank put cherry
Bombs in the cars of Wally (Tony
Dow) and Eddie Haskell(Ken Osmond).Also one of the funniest
Scenes in Sitcom History was when
Fonzie was dancing with Richie in
The Deadly Dares episode of Happy
Days. Fonzie didn't know that he was dancing with Richie . Fonzie thought that he was dancing with a
Girl. I also like the Epilogue of the
Episode called Fonzie The Salesman
Where Richie Potsie and Ralph are
taking encyclopedias to a woman's apartment and just as soon as Fonzie arrives at the woman's
Apartment he throws Richie Potsie and Ralph out of the apartment.
Also the fake Beauty Contest at
Arnold's Drive In on Happy Days.
LoveMETV22 eddiecantorfan 26 months ago
From the MeTV Wikipedia page :
"Unlike other digital multicast networks, MeTV does not usually run day-long marathons of its programs on major national holidays. Instead, the network airs holiday-themed episodes of its shows on occasional holidays (such as Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas) as part of its regular schedule, which air in the program's normal time slot but are shown out-of-order from their regular episode rotation." Outside of that they do Marathons when a new program is introduced to the schedule ( ie: Monk, Full House ) or unfortunately when a major celebrity passes ( ie: Betty White, Howard Hesseman, Ed Asner and others) that appear(ed) on MeTV programming presently or in the past.
2103634076 26 months ago
9 of 10. To the western front.
Moverfan 2103634076 26 months ago
Okay, I know the eastern front was generally Russia. Where was the western front? (And say that three times fast...)
DIGGER1 26 months ago
Were these hilarious pranks pulled in M*A*S*H or Hogan’s Heroes?
You got 9 out of 10
You're no fool, cheers! These pranks were no problem for you.
I missed on #9. I thought that it was on a "HOGAN'S HEROES" episode that the colonel who had the heart attack occurred, and not a "M.A.S.H." episode. I'm a big-time "M.A.S.H." fan, and I don't recall the episode where the colonel has the heart attack. Oh, well...!
Moverfan DIGGER1 26 months ago
He came supposedly to inspect the place and Potter warned everybody to knock off the April Fool's pranks (not that they did, of course). Turned out he was an old friend of Potter's and they'd been planning the whole thing for months.
MaddMatt66 Moverfan 25 months ago
That’s the one I missed. I couldn’t remember anybody faking a heart attack so I just guessed. I’m never good at guessing, I always pick wrong.
I remember that MASH episode now that you mentioned it.
WilliamJorns Moverfan 14 months ago
Pat Hingle played Col. Daniel Webster Tucker, an old Army buddy of Col. Potter.
saminator17 26 months ago
Enjoy both shows and the pranks. I wish I was that creative.
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