Were these crime show guest stars the killer or the victim?

For guest stars on popular crime shows, it's often literally kill...or be killed.

For decades, crime shows have riveted audiences with shocking twists and unlikely killers. Hit shows like Columbo, Hawaii Five-O, Diagnosis Murder and The Mod Squad set you up to be surprised, and that's what keeps us tuning in again and again, attempting to crack the case before the episode's villain becomes unmasked.

Here, we've selected some of the most memorable episodes of classic crime shows. These are Emmy-nominated and Emmy-winning episodes that likely stood out just as much to viewers at home.

Scroll through these scenes and see if you can remember: Was this guest star the episode's victim...or were they the killer? Whatever you do, try not to make any false accusations!

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  1. In the very first episode of 'Columbo,' was this writer the killer or the victim?
  2. In the first season of 'Hawaii Five-O,' the episode "Up Tight" featured this college student who Danno believes has a rather unusual relationship with her professor. Is she the killer or the victim?
  3. Richard Dreyfuss guest-starred as a fraternity brother for the "Mother of Sorrow" episode of 'The Mod Squad.' Was he the killer or the victim?
  4. Here's a psychic who showed up in an acclaimed episode of 'Diagnosis Murder' called "Mind Over Murder." Was she the killer or the victim?
  5. Faye Dunaway won an Emmy for her performance in this famous 'Columbo' episode. Was she the killer or the victim?
  6. In the second season of 'Mannix,' was this boat-enthusiast attorney from "The Girl Who Came in With the Tide" the killer or the victim?
  7. What about this lawyer from "Columbo and the Murder of a Rock Star"? Is he a killer or the victim?
  8. "Night of the Tarantula" remains one of the most acclaimed episodes of 'Murder, She Wrote.' Was this the episode's killer or victim?
  9. On 'Hawaii Five-O,' Danno's aunt introduces him to this older man she met on the plane in the Emmy-nominated episode "Retire in Sunny Hawaii... Forever." Was the old man the killer or the victim?
  10. In the 'Columbo' episode "Any Old Port in a Storm," this is one of two brothers whose family dispute leads to death. Is he the victim or the killer?
Were these crime show guest stars the killer or the victim?

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