Can you I.D. these celebrities who appeared on 'Columbo'?

Investigate these screenshots of celebrities on 'Columbo.' Then tell us their other famous role.

You never knew what would happen when you tuned into Columbo. You could see your favorite movie and TV stars fall victim to murder, or more intriguing, cast as the killers themselves.

Here, we put your memory for famous faces to the test, Columbo-style. We've gathered up evidence of celebrity appearances from episodes of the show, then ask you to tell us what other role they're famous for.

Sound simple for a tuned-in viewer like you? See if you can solve every case below!

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  1. This familiar TV hero plays a successful TV star with the less noble cause of getting away with murder. Which TV role is he famous for?
  2. This Oscar-winning actress also won an Emmy for her performance on 'Columbo.' You likely recognize her best as half of this movie duo:
  3. This comedic actor ends up the victim of some funny business on 'Columbo': murder. Which movie did he star in?
  4. 25 years after appearing on 'Columbo,' this award-winning actor picked up an Emmy as the star of this show:
  5. This 'Columbo' guest star played a notable villain in the 'Star Trek' universe. Which one was it?
  6. We're used to seeing this TV star sitting cozy at home on this '80s sitcom:
  7. Here, this well-known TV actor dons a disguise. It's a little different from his typical TV show where he's known to stick to one routine.
  8. This movie star is a cold-blooded killer on 'Columbo,' but she's much more famous as the victim in this iconic movie:
  9. In one of this famous TV actress' earliest roles, she plays a psychology student on 'Columbo.' 20 years later, she rose to fame for starring in this show:
  10. This TV star typically appears much more clean-shaven in which classic sitcom?
Can you I.D. these celebrities who appeared on 'Columbo'?

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