Were these classic ad slogans used by Coke or Pepsi?

"Pair Up with" this quiz!

The Cola Wars. The Pepsi Challenge. New Coke. Diet Coke. Patio. Diet Pepsi. 

These two soft-drink giants have been going at each other for decades.

We gathered some memorable advertising slogans from the Sixties, Seventies, Eighties and beyond. See if you can match them to the correct cola brand!

  1. I'd Like to Buy the World a _______.
  2. Always ______.
  3. The Choice of a New Generation.
  4. ______ Adds Life.
  5. For Those Who Think Young.
  6. Come Alive!
  7. Pair Up with ______.
  8. ______ Is It!
  9. It's the Real Thing.
  10. Catch that ______ Spirit!
  11. Gotta Have It.
  12. Have a ______ and a Smile.
  13. Can't beat the feeling!
  14. Taste That Beats the Others Cold.
  15. Things Go Better with ______.

Were these classic ad slogans used by Coke or Pepsi?

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KellyShort 1 day ago
You got 11 out of 15
I'm a Pepper wouldn't you like to be a Pepper too
JewelsChuck 1 day ago
13/15...one I knew but my hand hit the wrong button. 😏
jimmyvici 3 days ago
9/15...eh. I was a Coke kid anyway. Bottoms up!
Dario 5 days ago
12 out of 15! 😁😁😁😁😁
lucy 5 days ago
9 out of 15 I was never a pop person
JewelsChuck lucy 1 day ago
I never cared for it myself, I’m an iced tea kinda gal.
BrianMoore 6 days ago
11 out of 15. I, as a Coco-Cola man, feel shame because the four I missed were Coke slogans.
madmark1 6 days ago
I am a Coke man all the way. Pepsi is a sweeter tasting cola.And you can’t beat a good old fashioned Coke. Pepsi may be the choice of the new generation but Coke is the real thing. I can’t believe on the quiz though they didn’t use the song we used to hear on commercials I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony I’d like to buy the world a Coke and keep it company.
Tommygunz 6 days ago
Just depends on what you like, Pepsi has more sugar, Coke has more sodium, Mountain Dew beats them both.
frenchman71 6 days ago
I also remember a group from the 60s & 70s called the Fortunes. They had hits with "You got your troubles, I got mine" & "Rainy Day Feeling". They did a coke ad singing "It's the Real Thing"
TheDavBow3 6 days ago
11/15. I think that's ok. I like Pepsi a little better. But unfortunately, Mt Dew is my fave. Not for the caffeine but I just like the taste. Years ago, their ads would be a bunch of hillbillies sitting on the front porch drinking Mt Dew. I remember their little jingle would be "get that barefoot feeling drinking Mt Dew". Ha the things you remember as a kid.
TheDavBow3 TheDavBow3 6 days ago
Even though I like Mt Dew the most, Coke, Pepsi, also Dr Pepper would get me to burp the best. I could almost burp the entire alphabet with those drinks! I would have such a full, rich tone and vibrato. Something to be proud of, for sure. Except my mom sure didnt think so back then and my wife won't let me drink brown sodas now 😂😉.
dbalius 7 days ago
They missed a popular one, “Take the ——- challenge.” (Pepsi) I know, I produced TV commercials in the early ‘80s that featured the Pepsi challenge.
MrsPhilHarris 7 days ago
11/15 I don't remember some of them.
HoosierKid 7 days ago
Mountain Dew is the just about the only kind of pop me and my family drink! :)
texasluva 7 days ago
I used to be a Coke and a smile. Now more or less The Pepsi Generation. I get the fully loaded 32 oz. Pepsi (RaceTrac $1.08 with tax) with shaved ice in a Styrofoam cup (Yeah I know, environment) but tastes so good and lasts 4 plus hours. No condensation on my computer desk top. I still drink coke sometimes from Taco Delite (extra shaved ice). 13 out of 15. Got my Jingles mixed up.
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