We bet you forgot the names of these 1970s game shows

Each question, choose between doors 1, 2 or 3.

In the 1970s, some of the best-loved classic game shows got revived, but there were also a string of unique shows that could've only existed in the Seventies. 

Ready to play a little game show game?

Below, we've cut out one word of game shows that aired in the 1970s. It's up to you to choose the correct word to fill in the blank each time. Good luck!
  1. This game show aired weekly through 1977 and most recently was revived in 2009. Originally hosted by Monty Hall, audience "traders" chose between deals and "zonks." Fill in the blank: Lets _____________ a Deal
  2. This popular game show from the 1950s and '60s got its first revival in the 1970s and found celebrity panelists guessing audience professions. Fill in the blank: What's My _____________?
  3. This show aired from 1974-1976 and gave players a chance to bet whether celebrities could answer trivia questions. Fill in the blank: Celebrity _____________
  4. Tom Kennedy hosted what many consider as the best-remembered version of this game show, which featured a live band playing songs that contestants had to guess. Fill in the blank: Name That _____________
  5. It was always exciting when a "Memory Buster" came up on this 1970s game show that grouped things in threes, hosted by Tom Kennedy or Monty Hall. Fill in the blank: Split _____________
  6. Contestants had to guess higher or lower for control of the board on this card-based 1978 game show. Fill in the blank: Card _____________
  7. Contestants could eliminate others by responding correctly after a missed response on this single-season 1978 game show known for its "Fast Bucks" rounds. Fill in the blank: Pass the _____________
  8. On this 1974 game show, contestants would navigate a large maze with the help of their spouse, viewing overhead. Fill in the blank: The _____________ Maze
  9. Host Rip Taylor created this game show in 1978 as a parody of typical beauty contests. Fill in the blank: The _____________ Beauty Contest?
  10. This novel game show debuted in 1975 and was named for the giant pinball contraption featured in its bonus round. Fill in the blank: The Magnificent _____________ Machine

We bet you forgot the names of these 1970s game shows

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RedSamRackham 6 months ago
* How could this list fail to include THE GONG SHOW?
WILD 31 months ago
You got 10 out of 10
VBartilucci 31 months ago
I got all the answers right, but you got one of the questions wrong. Fix the graphic on the last question?
Kiyone57 57 months ago
On number 10, the name of the show was The Magnificent Marble Machine. I used to watch it.
jamiahsh 57 months ago
I loved watching Rip’s Beauties in reruns back in the 90s I think it was on Nick at Nite or something.
WILD jamiahsh 31 months ago
I thought that it was called The $1.98 Beauty PAGEANT.
Geronimo 64 months ago
Guessed a lot........................10/10
Geronimo 65 months ago
lucky guesses.....................8/10
ETristanBooth 65 months ago
10/10, although I didn't watch most of them. (I love What's My Line though.)
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