Was this the title of a game show or TV drama in the 1980s?

See if you can tell the difference between Hot Potatoes and Hot Pursuits.


Game shows can have a lot of drama. You have human interest, happy endings and heartbreak. No wonder so many game show sounded like dramas, especially in the 1980s.

Take Double Dare for example. Of course, it was a popular Nickelodeon game show — but Double Dare was also a drama on CBS with Billy Dee Williams in 1985.

We've gathered some TV shows from the Eighties. Can you correctly guess if they were game shows or dramas?

  1. Fame
  2. Battlestars
  3. Hot Potato
  4. Hot Pursuit
  5. Hothouse
  6. Camouflage
  7. High Rollers
  8. Time Machine
  9. Code Red
  10. Just Men!
  11. Lottery!
  12. Call to Glory
  13. Fandango
  14. Triple Threat
  15. A Year in the Life

Was this the title of a game show or TV drama in the 1980s?

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Miss_Kitty 16 months ago
13/15 I didn't watch much TV in the 80's so none of these were really familiar......guessed most of them
Sachelle 26 months ago
13/14. I guessed every single one of them.
Astrodomania 37 months ago
Hard quiz....some very obscure game shows and I know alot of them. 13 of 15, but some were guesses.
riggsca 37 months ago
I really blew this one! Lol
Marshall_Kolchak 37 months ago
12/15 First pass i knew 5 for sure, so i had lowered expectations on this one... 7/10 on the unsure ones makes this a win for me!
SashaPayneDiaz 37 months ago
11/15 Not a game show guy...some lucky guesses.
denny 37 months ago
11/15 that was really rough
DavidBartholomew 37 months ago
I've written about BattleStars before. I tested that show for the network. From Heater/Quigley, Hollywood Squares fame. Very bad, it was 13 and out!

Instead of Squares, the stars were in triangles. And, you didn't answer 1 question to capture the star, each SIDE of the triangle was a question! So, to capture the star you needed 2 out of 3 sides. Very slow moving game
DavidBartholomew 37 months ago
Lottery was a combination "Love Boat" and buddy show.

One was the lottery official who gave the winner a check, his partner was the IRS! Get it? One gave the money, the other took it away!! How funny!!

Usually 2 stories an hour, if I remember correctly. Love Boat level guest stars.
jimmyvici 37 months ago
11/15...never heard of ANY of those except Fame.
purplerose60 37 months ago
11/15, not much into game shows
jerrysays 37 months ago
13 out of 15 I'll Take it LOL !
Dajj 37 months ago
12/15 tough quiz, I had to guess on some.
37 months ago
10/15 ... never heard of half of them.
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