The Ultimate Donald Sutherland Quiz

Show us how much you know about Kiefer's dad!

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Today, we're celebrating one of the most iconic careers in Hollywood history. There aren't too many legends left anymore. Donald Sutherland was absolutely a legend.

Let's see how well you can recall his acting roles. Be sure to let us know your score and your favorite Donald Sutherland performance in the comments section below!

  1. In which 1970 war comedy film did Donald Sutherland play the character "Oddball"?
  2. Donald Sutherland starred in the 1978 remake of which classic science fiction horror film?
  3. Which character did Donald Sutherland portray in the "Hunger Games" film series?
  4. Donald Sutherland received his first Golden Globe Award for his performance in which 1995 television film?
  5. In which film did Donald Sutherland play an architect trying to solve the mystery of his daughter's death in Venice?
  6. Who was Sutherland's co-star in the 1971 psychological thriller "Klute"?
  7. Which character did Donald Sutherland portray in the 1970 film "M*A*S*H"?
  8. In which 2003 film did Donald Sutherland play the character of John Bridger?
  9. Sutherland appeared as Major General McClintock in which 1994 film about a dangerous virus?
  10. Sutherland played the role of a grieving father in which 1980 film directed by Robert Redford?

The Ultimate Donald Sutherland Quiz

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JimmyAngel 25 days ago
Hey 7/10 always liked Kelly’s Heroes and the song Burning Bridges
WilliamJorns 27 days ago
8 out of 10 right. One comment about Question #10: Sutherland's character wasn't a "wealthy, manipulative patriarch" in "Ordinary People" like your question said. He was a well-to-do lawyer struggling to cope with his family's disntegration after one son died in a boating accident and the other tried to commit suicide shortly afterward. Mary Tyler Moore's character was more manipulative than Sutherland's character. She played a slightly cranky, control freak who ran the family household like it was her little kingdom. Anything she couldn't control frustrated her and drove her almost to the breaking point. Ms. Moore was nominated for an Oscar for her role in this film, but she didn't win. But it was her character who was manipulative, not Donald Sutherland's.
trogg888 28 days ago
I've seen most of his films but not a lot of those
ScotHeyYo 28 days ago
Based on what is said in question #10, I don’t think the author of this quiz has any actual knowledge about “Ordinary People”.
Exactly. they have the actor and the role wrong for the movie's manipulative one.
WILD 28 days ago
You got 9 out of 10, I missed #9. Who knows what his favorite Baseball team was?
mickeyd53 28 days ago
Oddball in “Kellys Heroes” was one of his greatest performances, in my opinion…! I was 15 yrs old when I saw this movie at the theater. His character was so cool, and laid back. I loved WW2 movies and went to see it because of Clint Eastwood. Once I saw Oddball I knew from then on I was going to be looking for Donald Sutherland movies. And I’ve seen probably all or most of them, and his MASH character Hawkeye, was also very very cool…..!
KentuckyPhil69 29 days ago
Just one more thing... How could you forget Mr Sutherland as Ronald in Backdraft???
Nobody forgot anything. There are space and time limitations to any article. And just because YOU know of something and think it's important doesn't mean everyone does. "Forgetting" something is rarely accurate.
Well excuse the hell out of me!!! If I want your two cents worth, I'll give it to you!!!
WVsassy KentuckyPhil69 29 days ago
Don’t fret about it, Kentucky Phil. I wondered the same thing. Sutherland was excellent in backdraft.
WVsassy Wiseguy70005 29 days ago
Tell us more, Professor.
KentuckyPhil69 WVsassy 29 days ago
Thank you very kindly!! WVsassy, I appreciate you having my back ☺️ holler at me anytime ☺️
WGH Wiseguy70005 28 days ago
Cool it. You're not the comment police.

Dude made a point about a movie he liked. That's what the comment section is for. So take your condescending attitude and stuff it. Jerk.
KentuckyPhil69 WGH 28 days ago
Thank you for your support!! Have a great day!
KentuckyPhil69 29 days ago
Only 6/10... I'm so sorry,Mr. Sutherland. Rest in peace, Professor Jennings. We will NEVER forget you!! 🙏😢💔
Ready2go 29 days ago
9/10. Had the right answer and changed my pick.
stealth6948 29 days ago
9/10 Also,
I always enjoyed Sutherlands Performances.
Amazing how people will leave out an apostrophe where it belongs (the possessive Sutherland's) but will insist on putting one where it doesn't belong, on plurals.
mda Wiseguy70005 29 days ago
Wish we had an ignore or block option.
KentuckyPhil69 mda 28 days ago
Well you know regarding this jerk, you can't have a battle of wits with an unarmed person 😆😆😆
SlipperySkull 29 days ago
7/10 thought I would do better but missed a few. Anyway I will always remember oddball and his dislike of negative waves!!
thot it was vibes...
JimmyAngel Beatseeker 25 days ago
You are correct Moriarty
Cheyos 29 days ago
Donald Sutherland was a most amazing and talented actor! I shall miss his talent.
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