Choose a fictional character to do these wedding activities with!

Here comes the (fictional) bride!

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Weddings are a wonderful thing, and so is television! We're putting two good things together and asking you to choose which of these fictional character's you'd be most interested in marrying!

  1. Choose a M*A*S*H character to try wedding cake with.
  2. Choose a Mama's Family character to plan an engagement party for.
  3. Choose a Bonanza character to plan a bachelor party for.
  4. Choose a character from The Andy Griffith Show to choose ceremony flowers with.
  5. Chose a character from All in the Family to try on wedding outfits with.
  6. Choose a Brady Bunch character to choose wedding music with.
  7. Choose a Batman character to share a first dance with.
  8. Choose a character from The Dick Van Dyke Show to plan your honeymoon trip.
  9. Choose a Gilligan's Island character to write your wedding vows.
  10. Choose a Petticoat Junction character to pronounce you man and wife.

Choose a fictional character to do these wedding activities with!

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tinkparker 23 days ago
The characters from the honeymooners should have help planned the honeymoon
Hollie 25 days ago
there must be a lot of men who take these quizzes lol
LabLove 28 days ago
41% similar. I don't think I understood the directions 🤦‍♀️
KJExpress 29 days ago
47% similar. The longer this quiz went on, the less interested I became. 🙄
Wendy57 29 days ago
57% similar
We are pretty traditional. Our only daughter is getting married next April. Very untraditional Navy Veteran, soooooo whatever. She lives in AZ so two trained tortoises will be the ring bearers. Whatever makes them happy. 🥂
KJExpress Wendy57 29 days ago
🐢🐢 I hope you don't have to wait for them to walk down the aisle. 😄
Wendy57 KJExpress 28 days ago
Our granddaughter, ( the flower girl ), is supposed to walk in front of them baiting them with their favorite flowers and strawberries to urge them along to a swift tortoise speed.
Snickers Wendy57 28 days ago
So how fast would a tortoise go? Congrats to your daughter and hope it works out well with the tortoise.
LabLove KJExpress 28 days ago
Better pack a lunch!
KJExpress Wendy57 28 days ago
I'd love to know how it all works out. 🙂
MikefromJersey 29 days ago
"74% similar to the most popular responses"
I chose Gloria "from All in the Family to try on wedding outfits with."
Sounds like fun, helping Gloria put on her outfits.
As long as Mike and Archie aren't around.
I wonder what happened to Sally Struthers, it's like she disappeared.
FLETCH MikefromJersey 28 days ago
She had a body on her back in the day for sure
LabLove MikefromJersey 28 days ago
She was on Gilmore Girls for a couple of seasons.
jodyh05 29 days ago
I want to pick flowers out with the Morrison sisters. They can also provide the beverages.
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