Was this actor in Saturday Night Live's inaugural cast?

How well do you know the Saturday Night Live of the 1970s?


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We've seen good and bad seasons of Saturday Night Live, but nothing beats that first season when everything was fresh, funny, and new. But how well do you actually remember the first cast of SNL? We'll give you an actor's name, and it's your job to tell us if they were part of the cast when the show debuted!

  1. Dan Aykroyd
  2. Al Franken
  3. Bill Murray
  4. John Belushi
  5. Garrett Morris
  6. Brian Doyle-Murray
  7. Jane Curtin
  8. Gilda Radner
  9. Eddie Murphy
  10. Jim Belushi

Was this actor in Saturday Night Live's inaugural cast?

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Lilly777 12 days ago
9 out of 10. I largely hated that season and cast though, always felt it was way overrated. The celeb guest kept it afloat. I preferred Monty Python and SCTV over it & Later on Mad TV.
djw1120 12 days ago
8 out of 10
I really thought that Eddie Murphy and Bill Murray were in the first season.
I guess not.
Geronimo 18 days ago
this actor in Saturday Night Live's inaugural cast?
You got 10 out of 10
You scored first place in this first season cast quiz!

Too easy!
daDoctah 19 days ago
I remember when NBC decided to re-run the debut episode about 15 years later. I knew we were in for a tear-fest when the opening featured John Belushi and Michael O'Donoghue in a dingy basement with Mr Mike teaching odd phrases to Belushi ("I would like. To feed your fingertips. To the wolverines.") before both of them keel over dead. Both of them *had* in fact died by that time. As had Gilda Radner, comedy guest Andy Kaufman, and Jim Henson (recall that SNL initially included "The Land of Zorch" with a whole cast of new Muppets). So it was a little sad watching the rebroadcast.
BenSobeleone 19 days ago
Dueling Brandos with John Belushi and Peter Boyle
daDoctah BenSobeleone 17 days ago
Friend and I used to do a blatant ripoff of this bit with Jack Nicholson, shooting lines back and forth at one another: "Wait'll they get a load of me" "Just your average horny little devil" "You can't HANDLE the truth!" "I want you to hold it between your knees" "He-e-ere's Johnny!" "No novocaine; it dulls the senses".

It always ended with one of us singing his role as the Doctor in "Tommy": "He seems to be completely unreceptive...."
BenSobeleone daDoctah 10 days ago
That is great! Sounds like fun!
Mob39 19 days ago
Got Bill Murray wrong?!? But then again, I was just a kid.
Iknownothink 20 days ago
10/10 Too easy however the Al Franken was a good trick question because he was a writer for the show back then, appearing in the next season or two with Tom Davis
Jerryfan 20 days ago
9/10 Al Franken and his then comedy partner Tom Davis were originally there as writers from the beginning.
stagebandman 20 days ago
"Franken and Tom Davis were recruited as two of the original writers and occasional performers on Saturday Night Live (SNL) (1975–1980, 1985–1995)."
Sorry, but you goofed on this one. Announced cast, or listed cast, sure, but that's not how you qualified it. Veteran actor, George Coe, was also part of the original cast, but not one of the "Not Ready For Prime Time Players".
tanya7100 20 days ago
Well, I'm embarrassed...I could have swore Bill Murray was one of the original cast members but there were only seven instead of eight. My bad big time because I watched this every Saturday night when it first came out and I wasn't even a teenager yet. Other than that, I got 9/10.
jimmyvici 21 days ago
8/10…eh. I thought Bill Murray was in the original lineup. And his brother too. 🤔
ChrisAnn 21 days ago
9/10. I, too, thought Bill Murray was an original cast member.
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