Can you complete the retro slang phrase?

How groovy are you?


Slang phrases are typically reserved for young people, but why should they have all the fun? In this quiz, we're asking you to fill in the blanks of these popular retro slang phrases to see if you remember what they mean!

  1. If you've just explained something and you want to make sure that someone understood you, you'd ask "Can you _____?"
  2. Used as an insult: "Up your nose with a _____"
  3. When saying goodbye to someone, you'd say, "Catch you on the _____ _____"
  4. If something is fun and exciting, you would call it "Off the _____"
  5. If someone is looking over at you in a suspicious way, they're giving you the "Hairy _____"
  6. If you're doing well, you might say you are "sound as a _____"
  7. You may call a woman a "_____ house"
  8. If you want someone to get out of your business, you might say, "Stop dipping in my _____"
  9. If you're trying to find out what someone's issue is, you may ask, "What's your _____?"
  10. You might warn someone that they are "cruisin' for a ______"

Can you complete the retro slang phrase?

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Geronimo 19 days ago
Can you complete the retro slang phrase?
You got 9 out of 10
You must be pretty groovy if you got such a great score on this quiz!

Few guesses
lesliec64 20 days ago
Well 8 out of 10..…ahahaha
Could be worse
Ready2go 23 days ago
8/10. Never heard of #4 or #8.
KaterTot 25 days ago
Would a hairy eyeball be like a side eye?
gockionni 26 days ago
9/10, missed #6 and had to guess at almost half of them. I suppose it depended on where you grew up cuz some I’ve never heard of before.
Fred_Clampett 26 days ago
9 of 10. Missed number six. Oh, and I remember number 10. My old man always told me, "You're cruisin' for a bruisin'! You're gonna get a lickin' if ya don't watch out!!"
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