Try to pass this test about the Dragnet episode ''The Big High''

The Sixties generational divide lies at the heart of this shocking episode.


Few television shows capture the generational divide of the late-1960s quite like Dragnet. The color reboot of the police procedural, which cast Harry Morgan as Bill Gannon alongside Jack Webb's Joe Friday, was at its heart a battle between the Greatest Generation and the Boomers. In hindsight, part of the pleasure of watching the series is seeing just how the tables have turned these days.

In just about every episode, Joe Friday delivers a soliloquy about the ills of modern society, "young people today," hippies' blatant disregard of norms, etc. The very first episode, "The LSD Story," warned about the dangers of psychedelics. Later that same year, Dragnet 1967 tackled marijuana in a similar episode titled "The Big High."

It's one of the most unforgettable episodes of Dragnet. So… how well do you remember it?

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  1. Why does Bill have all these condiments on his desk?
  2. When Bill talks about "vanilla ice cream" what is he talking about?
  3. In the opening, Joe Friday gives the slang term for this bag of marijuana. What is it called?
  4. According to Joe Friday, how much was a joint going for on the street in 1967?
  5. Who tells the police that Jean Shipley is using drugs?
  6. What is the name of the Shipley baby?
  7. This is Dorothy Miller. Who is she?
  8. What is Bill holding here?
  9. What does this button say?
  10. What is the nickname of this suspect?
  11. Which famous TV officer brings this guy into the station?
  12. What is Paul Shipley charged with in the end?

Try to pass this test about the Dragnet episode ''The Big High''

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country46 33 months ago
got 12 for 12 first time for me on these quizzes
RedSamRackham 34 months ago
* Sad tragic episode indeed. When my wife & I became parents we stayed clean & sober! ☺
Coldnorth 35 months ago
I don’t even remember this episode. Did poor on the quiz. It’s sad that those drugs were around then and so many more added since then. Only got 5 right.
vinman63 35 months ago
2 out of 12 for my sentence I will have to endure Reefer Madness.
hippie22 36 months ago
12/12 even when I watched this as a kid I thought it was a little over the top! Tripping on the weed lol
Dario 37 months ago
Not bad, 9 out of 12! 😁😁😁😁😁
KathyMcKinny 37 months ago
The weed must have been HELLA STRONG back in the day for that to happen......totally not realistic at all.
Kiyone57 KathyMcKinny 34 months ago
Dragnet was based on actual cases. So, this actually happened.
Adamtwelvia KathyMcKinny 6 months ago
You ever SEEN anyone on weed?! It's more realistic than you think
Lillyrose 38 months ago
8 out of 12. All guesses. I haven't seen Dragnet in years. It is the best police show, though. But these days I just watch sitcoms like I Love Lucy.
eyegor 38 months ago
12 out of 12. It was a preachy episode.
grandpa5741 38 months ago
Ok I have to ask all you experts, the Gunsmoke Episodes in B/W are way better than the color ones right or is just me?
38 months ago
9 out of 12. LOVED Joe Friday's long- winded tirades against hippies, LSD, Marijuana, "flower power!"
Lillyrose Pilaf 38 months ago
Me, too.
Dajj 39 months ago
3/13—— ouch!! Now I am going to have to watch this episode!!
kimmer 39 months ago
9/12.....I love this show for the nostalgia....great seeing the old cars we drove in....half had no seat belts I remember being all over my dad's
Joe1954 39 months ago
If any cop show could be considered pure propaganda, Dragnet would be it!
Adamtwelvia Joe1954 6 months ago
It is not and stop hating! Remember, if we didn't have Dragnet, we wouldn't have had Mathnet on Square One! Show it some appreciatipn for that!
Marshall_Kolchak 39 months ago
9/12 guess i'll put that in my pipe and smoke it...
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