Can you catch all the right answers in this Tom and Jerry true or false quiz?

Can you separate fact from fiction for this famous duo?


Tom and Jerry have been entertaining cartoon lovers for decades. Tom's futile attempts to catch his prey and Jerry's ever-evolving tricks always end with hilarious results.

Though most shorts follow a similar formula, there are hundreds of variations. Some things you thought you knew about this famous duo may not be true!

Try to guess what's real and what's not about Tom and Jerry in this quiz.

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  1. Tom and Jerry are never nice to each other.
  2. William Hanna and Joseph Barbera directed over 100 Tom and Jerry cartoons.
  3. Spike the Bulldog appears in every single Tom and Jerry short.
  4. Early Tom and Jerry shorts were produced in black and white.
  5. Jerry isn't the only animal that Tom goes after.
  6. Tom and Jerry never speak in any original theatrical shorts.
  7. Tom and Jerry were in a live-action Gene Kelly movie.
  8. Tom and Jerry cartoons have won more than three Oscars for Best Animated Short.
  9. Tom was named Jasper in his first appearance.
  10. The legendary Mel Blanc lent his voice to some Tom and Jerry cartoons.
  11. Though usually brown, Jerry appears gray in some shorts.
  12. Looney Tunes great Chuck Jones also directed some Tom and Jerry cartoons.

Can you catch all the right answers in this Tom and Jerry true or false quiz?

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country46 30 months ago
missed #9 by clicking to quick I thought it was kind of easy that's saying something for me i usually miss at least 4 or 5 on all the quizzes
scp 31 months ago
11 out of 12. I could have sworn Jerry's color varied somewhat in a few cartoons.
ANW97 33 months ago
have you ever seen little mole from Czech Republic? (It’s an non-MGM cartoon that needs to be added to it for 8am)
Yuuji 34 months ago
Since "Popeye and Pink Panther's Party" already out, I'm thinking that "The Tom and Jerry Show" will become "The Tom and Jerry/Mickey Hour"
Yuuji 36 months ago
Tom and Jerry are in charge of Maon Kurosaki's music while she still ongoing with her girlfriend Sayaka Kanda for ALICes, Tom is a singer legend and Jerry is his music arranger, did covers of POLARIS, Gurenge and Star Marker on their soundtrack
Jennifer 37 months ago
Nibbles the baby mouse is gray.
scp 37 months ago
11 out of 12. Dumb mistake.
John 37 months ago
Did Tom appear in Anchors Aweigh? I remember Jerry, but not Tom. If Tom wasn't in the movie, than the answer to Question #7 is wrong because it specifies Tom AND Jerry.
scp John 37 months ago
That's what was giving me pause on that one; I don't recall Tom being in it.
Didn't they both do a bit with Esther Williams in a movie?
Yuuji John 34 months ago
Tom did appear as a brief cameo sequence in Anchors aweigh, he was Jerry's butler
Albert 37 months ago
10/12...I shoulda payed closer attention. Thank goodness tooney the tuna and Bill the cartoon curator are on every morning
Celina 37 months ago
I got 9/12 wrong and I am only twenty-four, but I watched this regularly growing up.
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