Try to name these '70s and '80s pop stars from their eyes alone

"Eyes without a face…"

Some musicians are so iconic, you need only a part of their face to know their name.

At least, that's the theory here. We bet you can recognize these pop icons and rock stars from the Seventies and Eighties from their eyes alone. If it helps, they come from their album covers (mostly). Try to name them all!
  1. Can you recognize a Beatle by his brow? Which of the Fab Four is this?
  2. His eyes might not match, but they certainly are memorable.
  3. Can you recognize the eyes of this country icon under all that hair?
  4. Her distinctive eyebrows and liner might give you a clue.
  5. Who is this staring back at you?
  6. Who is this rock star with the baby blues?
  7. Unlike Superman, he can't hid his identity behind spectacles.
  8. These eyes have seen a lot.
  9. See if you can identify these stylish '70s eyes.
  10. These eyes have soul.
  11. Which member of KISS is this?
  12. See if these eyebrows ring a bell.
  13. Finally, we couldn't do this quiz without the singer of "Eyes Without a Face."

Try to name these '70s and '80s pop stars from their eyes alone

Your Result...

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MaryAnn 11 months ago
13/13 Nailed it! Got lucky with #12, the rest were easy for me.
abc123 28 months ago
11 out of 13. 4 and 12 tripped me up.
EllisClevenger 28 months ago
You got 6 out of 13
They always say that eyes are the windows to the soul — but they're also the windows to rock, folk, glam, metal, country…
Windows to the soul? I think my lights got turned off.
Eye couldn't see. LOL
ETristanBooth 28 months ago
13/13. I wish they'd included Neil Tennant's eyes, but I suppose they assume that people wouldn't know him.
Who's Neil Tennant? LOL (Sorry, I couldn't help myself).
But, seriously, who is he? I have never heard of him.
Kenson 28 months ago
12/13 but some good guesses along the way.
UTZAAKE 28 months ago
10/13. Foiled by 4, 10 and 11.
rycki1138 28 months ago
12 out of 13. I missed the Madonna question. The KISS one would have been harder if they showed a picture without the makeup.
MrsPhilHarris 28 months ago
12/13 Missed #4. That's Madonna?
JeffTanner 28 months ago
You got 12 out of 13 Missed #13 --------------They always that the eyes are the windows to the soul ----but they're also the windows to rock, folk, glam, metal, country...
teire 28 months ago
11/13, missed the last few (which in retrospect I should have known). Eye eye eye.
anthony 28 months ago
11/13.This was not as easy as I thought it was going to be untill I got to Madonna,who like cperryapples I thought look like Bette Midler.I also got the Kiss one wrong as well.
MrsPhilHarris anthony 28 months ago
I thought it was Better Midler too.
EllisClevenger anthony 28 months ago
I thought it was Cyndi Lauper.
cperrynaples 28 months ago
11/13! Metv, are you really sure that 4 isn't Bette Midler? And yes, i'm sure i'm not the only one who missed 11 [and that's my era]! However, there was no way I would miss 7, he's my favorite! Yes, I know the rest of you would pick 1, but don't forget they DID co-write "Veronica", a great song!!!
lnieting cperrynaples 28 months ago
Agree on #4! 12/13. LOVE Elvis (Costello)!
teire cperrynaples 28 months ago
It might not look like Madonna but it definitely does not look like Bette Midler to me. And certainly not Cyndi Lauper. Somebody else maybe? Although Madonna has had so many different looks it kind of makes sense that it could be her.
GU1961 cperrynaples 28 months ago
I also missed #4, thinking it was Bette Midler. Seeing it was Madonna, I think the photo is from the Bedtime Stories sessions (not sure if it's the album cover, but if it is, it looks like they tilted the photo slightly to trick us! Hahaha!
Barry22 lnieting 28 months ago
When I was in college I won from the local radio station a copy of Elvis Costello's first album and a Elvis Costello dart board (My Aim is True), get it? I became a fan of his from there. Wish I still had the dartboard, but my room-mates and myself put it to good use. One of my all-time favorite music quotes ( I forgot who said it) was that "All the music critics like Elvis Costello because all the music critics look like Elvis Costello" Pretty mean, but pretty funny.
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