Try to make it through this quiz without leaving Gilligan's Island

You're an honorary castaway if you can beat this one!

On Gilligan's Island, the castaways never left the island during the season run. On this quiz, we're going to ask you to try and do the same.

Scroll through the scenes below and see if you can pick the one from Gilligan's Island every time. 

Only the biggest fans will spot the castaways' home base every time and emerge an honorary castaway. Good luck!

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  1. Pick an island scene you would find on Gilligan's Island:
  2. Pick an animal that you saw appear on Gilligan's Island:
  3. Is this quiz making you thirsty? Pick a tropical drink you'd find on Gilligan's Island:
  4. Back to exploring the island. Which cave would you find on Gilligan's Island?
  5. Let's head to the shore. Pick a scene that comes from Gilligan's Island:
  6. A plane crashed twice on Gilligan's Island. Which airplane is the one?
  7. The castaways relied on radio for news from the real world. Pick the right radio:
  8. Even on a desert island, you'll encounter crooks and thieves. Which of the thieves below appeared on Gilligan's Island?
  9. The castaways had crazy dreams, but twice they actually did encounter a mad scientist in his lair. Pick the scene that shows one of the island's spookiest moments:
  10. Last question asks you to survey the island one last time. Pick the scene that's from Gilligan's Island:

Try to make it through this quiz without leaving Gilligan's Island

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DouglasMorris 57 months ago
10/10! I stayed on Gilligan's Island.
ndebrabant 57 months ago
You stayed on Gilligan's Island!
Way to cruise right through this one, honorary castaway!
Woowoo 65 months ago
Yes yes..I aced that one like an island resident! Sure glad they re-wrote the theme song..this 1st one sucked..yes indeed!
Bobbo 65 months ago
Woo-hoo! 10/10! Honorary castaway!
CongoBill 65 months ago
9/10. Missed the cave question. The pics are too small to see them clearly!
Tresix 65 months ago
7/10. I don't think I've seen the show in about 10 years, maybe longer.
MrsPhilHarris 65 months ago
Missed the last one.
MrsPhilHarris 65 months ago
This comment has been removed.
teire 65 months ago
9/10, pretty indelible I guess since I have not actually watched a full episode in years.
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