Think you can identify the TV show by its very first line of dialogue?

Let's see how memorable the opening lines of classic TV shows were.

First impressions are everything. Or are they?

Do the most iconic television shows in history have memorable openings? That's what we were wondering. We rewound some classic TV series back to the very beginning — to the first scene that audiences ever saw on their screens. 

For the most part, these opening lines of dialogue were spoken by major characters. For the most part. But we don't want to give too much away.

See if you can get more than 10 correct on this TV quiz. It gets harder. If you succeed, you are a true expert!
  1. “Captain’s Log, Stardate 1513.1. Our position: Orbiting planet M-113.”
  2. "Hey, Shirley. I've got some hot gossip for you!"
  3. "You finished with this juice, Peter?"
  4. "Fran, would you stop pickin' at them eggs!"
  5. “The place is here. The time is now. And the journey into the shadows that we’re about to watch could be our journey.”
  6. “Well, Mary, what do you think? Here it is!”
  7. “This is alpha control. Zero minus seven minutes and holding. Delay caused by difficulty with liquid oxygen loading valve.”
  8. "Fore!" "Here they come!" "I don't hear nothing." "Wait for it…"
  9. "Children and adults look at the world through different eyes. When you're young, a policeman stands 10 feet tall."
  10. "Here, you missed something on this one." "That's a design." "It is?" "Sure, can't you see? Flowers against a background of… gravy."
  11. "Hello… Yes… Evelyn Bagby? … Oh, what does she want?"
  12. "It's funny, you know, the kind of stuff that pop into your head when you're trying to work. I remember there was this horse…"
  13. "Keep your mouth shut… I'll do the talking." "You Tippert? … Let's see him operate."
  14. “We tripped the light fantastic on the sidewalks of New York… Hello? … Why are you sending him home?”
  15. “Anybody here know why these two should not be wed? Speak now or forever hold your peace”

Think you can identify the TV show by its very first line of dialogue?

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