The toughest ''Would you rather?'' sitcom quiz

Invent an imaginary boyfriend or impersonate your identical cousin?

We've seen some of the most iconic episodes of TV dozens and dozens of times, but have you ever thought about stepping into the shoes of the star in your favorite episodes?

Today's survey asks you to make tough choices about some of the most memorable scenes on TV. 

Make your picks below and see how many others would react just like you in all of  these instantly recognizable situations you saw on television.
  1. Would you rather stomp grapes in Italy OR jump a shark on waterskis?
  2. Would you rather share a car with your best friend OR share a TV with your best friend?
  3. Would you rather have your nose broken by a tossed football OR go temporarily blind?
  4. Would you rather meet an alien who knows EVERYTHING about humanity OR practically NOTHING about humanity?
  5. Would you rather raise chickens inside your house OR have a hippo in your backyard?
  6. Would you rather give yourself a terrible haircut OR accidentally dye your hair an awful color?
  7. Would you rather live in the Brady house OR the Beverly Hillbillies mansion?
  8. Would you rather be police chief in a small, quiet town where nothing happens OR be the hero who protects and defends a big, crime-riddled city?
  9. Would you rather draw attention by chucking live turkeys from a helicopter OR starring in a TV commercial?
  10. Would you rather be trapped on an island with this gang OR live in a boarding house with these girls?
  11. Would you rather invent an imaginary boyfriend OR impersonate your identical cousin?
  12. Last question's all about Lucy. Would you rather be trapped in a freezer OR stuck on a ledge dressed as Superman?

The toughest ''Would you rather?'' sitcom quiz

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EllisClevenger 49 months ago
You got 50% similar
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You got 75% similar to the most popular responses
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